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    Here’s the thing about dreams – they are never, ever completely literal.  Most of the time, there is so little that is literal, you need not concern yourself with the details of them.  Dreams are about themes, symbolism, and your own psyche and what things mean to you many times.  It depends on how deep the dream was.  Often times there are multiple levels going on at the same time – mundane things that mean nothing, symbols that mean something to you, and universal archetypes that are part of the deep human psyche.  Therefore, you need to first not worry about your dreams.  Was there a message in there?  Probably.  Is it easy to figure out?  Nope.  But I can tell you how I look at dreams and find meanings.  It seems to work well for me, but there are still plenty of dreams that I never figure out.  And once enough time goes by, it doesn’t matter anyway.

    Dream interpretation is an exercise in pattern recognition.  Have you ever looked at a picture really zoomed in?  It’s impossible to tell what it is a picture of.  But when we step back, say to arms length, we can see it. That’s the first step.  Right now you’re seeing all the little details of the dream, but you’re too close to understand it.  You need to step back so you can take it all in.  We want to see the general flow of the dream, without details.  In time, we can even learn to step farther back and look at the larger themes.  With art this would be like looking at the composition of the picture – the feelings and larger themes that went into it instead of just the picture itself.  But that’s a step that comes with experience and a bit of luck.  :-)


    Please note, this is not all encompassing or anything. I encourage others to post their methods of dream interpretation as well. :-)


    i dont have dreams anymore, is this normal?  I used to have dreams but i no longer have any, or i just don’t remember them.  It doesnt bother me that i dont dream just wondered if that was normal for some?


    You are still having them, all people dream. It’s a normal occurrence in the REM cycle especially.  however, not remembering them is normal.  If you want to stimulate your brain to remember them there are a few things you can do. 

    1. Place a notebook and pen next to your bed. When you wake up, anything you remember, at all, should be written down. You can use keywords. This will jog your memory when you wake up fully.  It also signals to your brain that the dreams are important so it should hold onto them.  The brain is constantly making decisions as to what to store is short term and long term memory.  If it’s not important it gets dumped. Signaling the information is important helps the brain make the decision to store the dreams.
    2. Before you go to bed, state your intent for your dreams. For example, “I intend to have beneficial dreams tonight and to remember them in the morning.” Again, this is a signal to your brain to hold onto the information. 
    3. Be patient. It can take a days or weeks to start remembering. And there will be days when  you still won’t remember. 
    4. You can try timing your sleep cycles. If you can wake up some increment of 90 minutes from when you go to sleep you have a better chance of catching a dream. So, you could try 7.5 hours, or 9, or 6 if you got to bed late.  Play around with this.  personally, my most vivid dreams are in the early morning hours.  You can also try taking short naps during the day (not too late though) and see if the lighter sleep creates dreams. They will have a different feel than deep sleep dreams, but it may help you learn to dream better.

    I hope this helps. Please report back, hopefully through your own dream thread here. :-)

    Brandel Valico

    Not sure I would agree that everyone dreams. I definitely agree that everyone has REM cycles and their brains are cycling through vast amounts of information during them. I’d still hesitate to say everyone dreams though. I very rarely dream myself…. I do however have REM cycles and sort through tons of information during those cycles.

    I make the distinction because of a difference I have noted between times when I did dream while sleeping and times I didn’t (Or as some suggest I simply didn’t remember my dreams.) During times when I dream I am always a lucid dreamer. I am aware it’s a dream and can alter it’s course or change the dream as I see fit. I always have been. This happens whenever I simply just goto sleep.

    Most of the time though I don’t just goto sleep. Instead I meditate while letting my body rest.

    It’s a form of Buddhist samadhi meditation I learned.

    I place myself into a deep trance and focus my mind on a single subject usually the Force (The divine the tao or a million other terms we can use) I push out all other thoughts and focus only on it. I then detach my mind from my body and put my body into a state of relaxation. While my mind is focused on only one thing. Or at most times I simply push out all thought (My preferred method actually) and focus on nothing while doing the same thing.

    Now as I noted there are differences between these two states. In sleep I dream and dream often. But in my Sleeping trance I don’t. I also while asleep am a very very deep sleeper. My wife can’t wake me up except by triggering my alarm clock. I awake to it instantly. As i have trained myself to do. But in my sleeping trance state. She has held entire conversations with me and thought I was awake gotten me out of bed to help her move things. She swears I was awake and coherent. But I don’t recall them. She actually went so far as to video tape me one time getting up and helping her bring in the groceries from her car. I seemed wide awake and fully functional joking around and talking to her. But when the task was done I instantly lay back down and seemed dead asleep again.

    Now I bring this up because while I learned how to induce this state. Some people (It’s a very small amount of people. I think it was around 1 in every 800,000 but it may be more or less then that. Been a long time since I studied the actual methodology) do so naturally. As such if their default is to enter this state. While they would still have REM and active brain waves resembling dreaming. They wouldn’t actually be dreaming.


    If they’re reaching a sleep trance type state, then it is different from sleep. If you have a normal sleep cycle, you dream. You can avoid dreaming if you don’t get into the right brain states which is easy to determine through a sleep study.  But if you aren’t getting into those REM cycles you are in a dangerous health situation as it is necessary for proper brain function.  If you have concerns about your quality of sleep, ask your doctor about a sleep study.  But if you normally feel fine when you wake up, with enough sleep, then try the other methods to train your brain to remember them. 

    Brandel, I’ve had days where I’m never quite asleep but not awake either, but I remember them.  I may not remember every bit of it, but I know it’s happening.  I also don’t dream in that state.  Is this perhaps what you’re referring to?  It doesn’t happen often, thankfully, because I can’t control the experience and end up annoyed that I didn’t sleep. lol

    Kol Drake

    Soooooo…. when we go to a Gathering and Brandel is there — we should sneak up behind him with an alarm clock and let it rip…. just to make certain he isn’t sleeping…. er, meditating through the whole ordeal?


    Brandel Valico

    Kol if you found one with the right sound you could drive me nuts doing that.

    Jax.. I agree the two states are different. Depending on the person some don’t reach full REM cycle.. I’m able to do so when I practice this as I detach my mind and put the body to rest.

    Hmm… Perhaps if I put it this way.

    Think of it as having a very very lucid dream where you are dreaming about meditating and focusing it on a specific problem or subject. (While it’s not really what is happening it may help explain the state to think of it as such.)

    I’ve never meet a natural trance sleeper so I don’t know how it would be with them if they reach REM or not.


    II can say that my dreams are always clear. I can not remember the small details, but in general – yes. And between these vivid dreams I see prophetic ( no, more astral dreams). I have seen Hell. I know what the form can be Hell. Imagine a gray wasteland, black obelisk stands in the middle. And in front of the obelisk a large grave was dug. And wrinkled, thin people are in the bottom. Im not too cold and not hurt, but they feel a terrible emptiness. There should be a certain number. And just an extra person can release the previous one. I saw it all very clearly, and the old man stood next to me , who was a watchman for these people. And then, after a few weeks, I have READ this legend (Levi), although up to this point, I had never heard this story. I can tell you many stories. I’m crazy, yes?


    Dreams, visions, and even astral experiences can be hard to distinguish. I wouldn’t call yourself crazy though. Even in dreams our minds are going to find some very creative, bizarre ways of processing things. When a ‘dream’ is more than a dream, many times the message will be presented in a way that we can relate to, which can include myths/stories that we’re familiar with – or that we are exposed to shortly after. For instance, I’ve had dreams with characters from tv shows that I enjoy watching because I knew the characters well enough to understand what they represented. :-)

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