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    We’re doing ok. It’s challenging me more than I’ve been challenged in quite some time, but I was reading a newsletter from a gifted astrologer who says the energy shifts to supporting fast creation in just another week or two. In the meantime, focus on closing out things so the creation can go with ease. That’s what I’m focusing on now, that and following the energy, listening to generative questions, etc.


    It’s very late but wanted to document that I have added another qualification for healing. I’m an access consciousness bars facilitator (and when I take my next class I’ll regain my body process facilitator qualification). I even have an official listing on the website where I’ll be listing my bars classes. http://bars.accessconsciousness.com/fac_detail.asp?mid=2685


    My infrequent posts should say volumes. Ever since getting laid off I’ve been at a run, trying to figure out how to make money. Right now it’s pretty hit and miss. My only easy to create money comes from driving for Lyft (and soon Uber). But I’m getting closer. I signed us up for the Self Reliance Expo Nov 4-5 so hopefully we get some good solar leads there. And hopefully it will mean a couple days with Brandon, which is more than I’ve ever spent with him in person. I also am slowly increasing sales at my booth events for Usborne Books which is nice. I’m going to be pretty busy for a while this fall and am really hoping for good solid sales so I can finally hit team leader and make more money.

    My healing business is doing some interesting things. I’m working with this really interesting guy named Mike. We’ve been brainstorming an intro seminar for performers where we would provide tools and coaching, like bars, head shots, etc and start creating a collaborative performance school which will improve their lives and careers and give us some cash. Today I ran just the implant band of a young musician named Ty and it was awesome. He responded really well, especially when my wife also started working with him. It felt really good to help him out. I’ll get some good stuff from him to use as well, like before and after pictures, a video testimonial, and hopefully I can get him to do a text review as well.

    I also started writing a children’s book the other day. It’s going to be an illustrated fictionalized story of our cat Rize. So far I have the first page drafted and a bit of the second page. However I took a break for self care (aka going to bed for once) so am ‘behind’ in everything right now. After a week of driving a ton to get my bonus (worth it) I needed the rest. This week I’m getting everything ready to drive for Uber, driving for Lyft, and getting marketing material going for all my businesses. I’m learning to be more effective with marketing so I can use a small monetary investment to make money without having to actively be working on it constantly.

    In health news, I got a steroid injection for my thumb which helped A TON! I finally can use it at times, though I’m still being cautious. It’s a creepy experience but so worth it. My wife has started Lyme treatment which is harsh but also creating good changes. It’s painful because Lyme releases neurotoxins as it dies, so she’s taking the antimicrobial to kill it, then neurotoxin binder to snag those toxins, and a detox to flush it all out. Plus she’s still doing Asea for cell health. She’s seeing a naturopath who is very experienced with Lyme which is making a huge difference. She’s also doing acupuncture. All of these improvements will mean more ease every day. She’s put up with more pain than a human should have to handle. Makes me feel like a wuss. ;-)

    And now, I need to get to bed so I can get up early and drive. Sleep is a tad important! Especially when you need to drive.

    I apologize for not being directly active here. I’m working on it, I really am. Life is just precarious right now and I’m learning to create more every day.


    In the past week I’ve been stressing less about money and not known why. I’m just trusting that it’s my intuition picking up on things. I’m going to talk to Brandon about pulling a reasonable salary for the solar work until we’re getting enough jobs going that commission would be more than that. That would help a lot. So here’s my quick updated. I’m going to focus on the positive, trying to shift my focus and story to create more.

    Healing: I subbed for someone at a different BNI group and represented my healing business. I got one person who immediately said they wanted to try it! We had to reschedule so we’ll do it next week but it’s a real client! Hooray! I sub in the morning again, so hopefully I can think of something to say to get someone else interested. :-) I also am playing with targeted facebook ads. My first got me a few likes, but this new one is doing a lot better! I can’t even remember who mentioned that a lot of therapists are seeing people for election season related anxiety but that ad is doing better than all my previous. Now to find a way to follow that up with content that engages. i have a few more targeted ads to get going for next week and then I do an ad targeted only at the people who liked my page. Hopefully that results in actual clients.

    Books: I went to an amazing training Monday night and bought a bunch of her training material. Now I’m slowly working through it and am confident I can build that business to a good level quickly. I have hope again.

    Solar: We just got setup with Home Advisors who reached out to us. I don’t know where he found my info, but who cares? lol In that conversation Brandon mentioned giving me a salary (in reference to our advertising budget) so now I feel confident in discussing it with him. I’m going to work through my list of bills and such and see what is a good amount that allows me to focus and not have to drive lyft and uber much but also isn’t going to make me feel like I’m not meeting expectations.

    Jedi: umm… lol I’m working on turning around this sneaky negativity that pops up due to the stress. That’s a full time job in itself! The next step is applying the training I did Monday to power hours so I have time freeing up to do yoga and other movement, along with just having fun with my family. Our friend is visiting and she’s Melody’s absolute favorite toy on the planet. I need to spend more time with them.

    Anything else? Hmm…the weather has been crazy but nice. Winter will be here very soon so I’m enjoying being warm and occasionally cold. lol Lots to do in the yard to be prepared but we’re doing our best. I’m incredibly grateful for a small yard now!

    Oh yeah, and I’m trying this supplement called EHT from nerium international. So far it seems to help me focus. I’m trying it for 30 days and then will evaluate. I’m hoping a one month boost will allow me to move forward on my own since it isn’t cheap. But, if it’s really helpful it will be worth it.

    and with that I need to finish preparing for bed.


    It’s far too late for a long post. Just wanting to say that 38 feels just like 37. I have found it hard to remember how old I am most of the time these last few years. I’m just plugging away at creating an awesome life. Things are on the verge of breaking open which will be nice. I’m using my tools to stay sane which became incredibly important after the election. So, some bullet points.

    Solar: Did the self reliance expo and it was great. I learned a lot about my company which helps. I found a niche to work on, the DIY kits. I’m working to get those together asap so I can get some sales going. These wouldn’t require much effort from me at all, just a well done website page and spreading the word among the people we met already. Brandon is looking to bring me on as a project manager in training for a 140 million dollar solar farm in Texas this spring. That means a few road trips for us and a good chunk of cash! Hoping that gets finalized very soon so I can start making some money. i went to the library the other day and got a few books so I can get comfortable with the technical side of things. My first step is refreshing my knowledge of circuits since it’s been years since I’ve used that. Then using a couple different books to really get comfortable with the types of systems. Lots to learn but every little bit helps. And hooray for libraries!

    Healing: I have my first repeat bars client! She wants weekly sessions. She’s at a discounted rate but that’s ok. I also had a bars client this week. So it’s slowly building into a little bitty practice. :-)

    Books: I have events almost every saturday through the beginning of January, with the holidays being off. Hopefully my sales will pick up. I’m still learning more but I really need to break through to team leader in this so I am making more money.

    Driving: I haven’t done driving for a couple weeks. My friend was visiting and then Melody got sick so I’m just looking for a good time to do it. Pretty soon I will because the cash is needed.

    As for Jedi training, it’s all in the day to day of controlling my emotions and shifting into creation mode. I’m still working on getting other things done enough to have a nice schedule. Toddlers do that to life though, just throwing wrenches into everything.

    I realized finally that the spare room that David used to use is a perfect office since no one is living here anytime soon. It’s made a big difference in my work habits. Now to get more time to do the work. Who would think that’s a hard thing when not working a normal job? :-P

    Ok, off to bed. I want a haircut but I’m way too tired for that. Hope to catch up here soon.

    Kol Drake

    An Amazon ‘handbook’ (even available in a Kindle version!) and the US Dept. of Energy 56 page PDF on ‘Community Solar’ — outline for the ‘what and why’ of creating a community solar system.

    Solar Electricity Handbook: 2016 Edition: A simple, practical guide to solar energy – designing and installing solar PV systems

    US Dept. of Energy — Community Solar


    Thanks. There are some community solar projects out here, but I don’t know who developed them yet. With such a long list of things to research I just haven’t gotten there yet. I’m curious who is doing most of the commercial solar work out here since Solar City doesn’t do anything with commercial solar.


    I apologize for getting off track on everything. We had the perfect storm of my working late nights to make money and then having a sewer backup in our basement which threw everything off for days. But I’m making the effort to catch up tonight though it’s late. :-)

    I’ve had a lot of fun making more meditation beads than ever before. I have made 12 so far in the past two weeks! It’s amazing. I’m also revisiting a design for a simple 5 bead hemp bracelet. We’ll see if I can make them fast enough.

    My life revolves around finding ways to create my life without going crazy. Hopefully soon I can write up some things in more detail. After some sleep!


    I just did yoga for the first time in months! 25 minutes focused on the upper back, shoulders and neck. I have been so stiff that last night I resorted to a muscle relaxer to take the edge off. I have energy running to help things ease up as well, but there’s no substitute to moving the body. I suspect some soreness tomorrow but I will aim to do another set on Sunday.

    Today I went to an open house with the Denver Housing Authority to learn how to bid projects and such. I have to say, their ecodistrict plans are amazing! I’m really excited and hope to be involved in the coming years. I also just pulled my very first solar permit with the city. Up next is submitting the package to xcel energy and then we can start installing! It will help me understand the process a lot more to get through this. Plus, getting paid is handy. :-)

    We just came back from 3 days at a cabin in Estes Park, right on the river. It was nice to be in nature and away from chaos at home. It was too cold and windy to have a fire and enjoy the outdoors much, but we did get in the hot tub once. We did a tiny bit of hiking and climbed up some very easy rocks. It was great to do that with Melody. Since my last update she turned 2! She’s learning so much so fast. If anyone wants to see her, I have a public instagram. https://www.instagram.com/jackiemeyer/

    I start a business pod for 6 weeks to really kick my business and life to another level. I expect that to amplify creating things here too, and to have more time to focus here since I won’t be driving all the time to make extra money. Hooray! And now, it’s dinner time. I’ll do my best to check in much more frequently.


    It’s challenging to describe what my training is now. It’s a daily practice of removing judgments, opening up more awareness, and building a business without cognitively knowing how. I’m changing a lot, I know things are on the verge of really exploding, but it isn’t quite there yet. I am working with some great teachers who help me open to more and more of what I know. I look forward to getting through this part of the process so I can start writing up more training material for everyone else. And being consistently active here.
    Our latest step in this building the business process is cashing out my old 401k. It will give us enough operating cash for a few months and let me invest in a few business building activities. I’ll still do some driving for uber in this time, but mostly focus on building the business more so we can increase the cash flow to become sustaining.

    With our last chunk of money I took a 6 week personal training program. I learned through their blood work that I’m allergic to wheat. I’m not 100% gluten free at this point but am working on it. I also helped turn around my body so I lost some weight and gained muscle. Then we left for Arizona where I lost my momentum. lol I’m about to do the yoga dvd though, and now that it’s not raining every afternoon will start riding bike more often with my daughter. It’s good exercise and super fun for us both. Though I look forward to these hills becoming easier!
    So, at this point, I’m still alive and well. Still juggling a lot, so I ask for your patience. I’m working on some very difficult life things and defying the odds to have a money making business this year (rather than 2 years which is the average).

    Off to clear a space and do yoga for the first time in ages!

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