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    I am ready to start developing my PLP if anyone is free to help me out!!

    :thanks :thanks


    I’m the guidance counselor. Fill it out and let me know if you have questions. :P


    Boo yah! I’ll get started today :yoda :yoda :yoda


    IDK why I never posted this, but I’ve had it going for a while..

    Personal Learning Plan

    Name: Jacob K. Barger (Handle: JKBarger)
    Advisor: Connor Lidell
    Date: September 25, 2014
    Rank working toward: Novice Rank

    Integrative Practice Hours

    Date Completed by: Number of Hours:

    Physical Fitness
    -Activity 1: Bike to work Ongoing, 2013-15 2-4 hours weekly.

    -Activity 2: Activity 3: Iyengar 20 week class July 2010-January 2011 1 hr/daily

    -Activity 3: Outdoor Excursions (Major and Recent):
    -Lily Lake trail (June 2009. 2010, & 2012)
    -Del Norte hunting trip (September 2012 & 2013)
    -Monarch Mountain- Back Country Snowboarding with the guys
    -Monarch Mountain- Ski trip; taught the little one to ski.
    -Mormon Camp (behind Pikes Peak) Cross-country Skiing
    -San Carlos Trail (North)-Snowshoeing day trip- March 2014
    -Bartlett Trail day trip- April 2014
    -San Carlos Trail (South) 2x in May 2014
    – All Pueblo Rides Thursday Night Group-ride (summer 2014)
    -Pueblo Reservoir Northshore loop- July 2014
    -Tarryall Mountains; topaz hounding Sept. 2014
    -NorthCreek, Beulah, Sept. 2014
    -Yule log Hunt, Beulah, Dec. 2014
    -Snow-sledding, San Isabel forest, January 2015
    -Nature hike w/ waterfall climbs in Costa Rica March 2015

    -Activity 3: Meditation and Hall Leader 2 the Wet Mountain Sangha 1-3 hours weekly
    100-200 yearly, since 2009. *** I have started an Early AM sit every Tuesday since Thanksgiving 2014 for an hour each session.

    – Activity 4: The Jedi Path Class 30+ hours; Working on a second installment- hopefuly
    a three-part piece that ends up as part of the “Jedi Studies” program at IJRS. *** Revamping first draft for its release for the public.

    -Activity 5: Shrine Internship at Tsubaki America Jinja Spring Semester 2010 60+
    hours a week

    -Activity 6: BA, History with emphasis in Oriental Religions, 2012-present

    -Activity 7: Degrees of Freemasonry (2009) and Education Committee Member at
    Pueblo Lodge 17, @ 15+ hours a week

    -Activity 8: Zen Jukai, 2009. Sarah Bender Sensei (Springs Mountain Sangha)

    -Activity 9: Book Reports/ Article Reviews
    Carole M. Cusack, “Invented Religions: Faith, Fiction, and Imagination”
    Adam Possamai, “Hyperreal Religions”
    Gordan Djurdjevik, “India and the Occult”

    Health and Healing
    -Activity 10: Longchen Nyingtik Long Life Empowerment and Bhutashuddhi Sadhana
    practice, Boulder, CO. 4 hour empowerment; 15 minutes daily; similar to the Jedi Meditation method in Intro Studies class.

    -Activity 11: IAM (Integrated Amrita Meditation Class) and w/ yearly refreshers.
    Half-day class (about 5-6 hours)

    -Activity 12: Mushroom hunting and Medicinal herbal foraging- last week of August
    2014, 2nd week of September 2014
    6+ hours

    -Activity 13: Three Month Masonic Abramelin Operation November 2013- January 2014
    About 14 hrs/week @ 13 weeks= 182 hours

    -Activity 14: Reiki Training Certification from Rick Blanda and local Reiki Circle facilitator.
    50+ hours

    -Activity 15: Sacred Pilgrimage up Sisnaajini (Full-day trip up Blanca Peak)

    -Activity 16: Nath retreat in Costa Rica (15-20+ hours of actually sustained practice and instruction.)

    Total Hours = __________

    Institute Courses

    Course: Intro Course.
    Completed on: November 2014

    Course: Creed 101.
    Completed by: December 2014

    Course: Jedi Studies 101.
    Completed by: October/November 2014

    Additional Goals: Actually finish this IP. I’ve started half a dozen with other folks only to get so far.

    CPR Certification: _________ if none: Date of Completion:

    First Aid Certification: _________ if none: Date of Completion:

    Personal Goals:
    -Get my class “The Jedi Path” updated.
    -Make an immovable spot for fire-ceremonies in the mountains.
    -Write my article on defining the force, the Jedi, and the Force-Community

    Obstacles you face in achieving those Goals:
    -Unwavering commitment to my peers in the Community

    Solutions to those Obstacles:
    -Rearrange my evening routine to make my morning easier to attend to.
    -Spend less money on frivolous outtings.
    – (2015, We have also been doing well enough at the screen-printing shop to pay me a small but generous sum.)
    -Reach out to my peers- “You only get out what you put in”…

    Kol Drake

    Lots of things going on….

    The PLP is a ‘living document’ — in that it can change / modify over time depending on what Life is tossing you and how you may see your ‘future goals’ change as you grow. How far along are you on all this since you wrote it up in September last?


    Hey all :D

    Got some stuff in the works right now that has been keeping me away- summer is just such a bright period of extroversion!!!

    Working on wrapping up my apprenticeship at TOTJO, and have been working on some clerical stuff over there; crossing my fingers.

    Also wrapping up my finalized ‘The Jedi Path Course’ for this fall semester drop date in a few weeks.

    So I’ll be returning to my PLP shortly- just didn’t want ya to think I fell of the face of the earth! :silly: :side: :blink: :silly: :side: :blink:

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