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    Lots of old fashioned guys here!  I like it – and you know – the burden really is on all of us to face reality but also be tolerant.  Yeah?

    Is it that hard?  I don’t think so…  But it is new in society.  I’m glad I was born when I was to have a bigger life than my mother or grandmothers could have.  Yet – I do like being female.

    Interesting post Kol Drake started!  LOL…

    Okay Icarus…in a new thread we should try to pick-out favorite TV shows.  I suspect we should pick on the Admin first.  But everyone is fair game…LOL!

    ***The last three movies I bought were “The Bourne…er…3rd move”, “Die Hard 4”?, oh and “Harry Potter 4”?.  I question because it’s the new releases…and I can’t remember the titles exactly.

    I have about 1500 DVD’s but most are “classic” films.  Lots of Hitchcock and Film Noir but really big into silent film… 

    I suspect Jedi are a difficult group to peg!  (Guess that’s why I like ’em!) :D


    I’m not all that hard to peg personally. Is it a) Science Fiction b) Fantasy c) Comedy d) Action or Martial Arts e) Horror? I like the occasional ‘arthouse’ movie such as Donnie Darko (also science fiction there) or ‘Apocalypto’ but otherwise give me Supernatural or Dr Who any day. Actually, Supernatural meets Sex in the City could be fun (lets see those chicks get killed by some sort of weirdo shapeshifting beasty lol).


    always picking on video games…

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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