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    Kol Drake

    *** grabs a blaster and points it at his own head ***

    OKAY, nobody move or he gets it!

    Sheesh… so I am an antiquated, sexist male who does more than his share of sticking his foot in his mouth (no mean feat!) — or — well, some even more descriptive, yet anatomically impossible, physical manuevers.   My apologies to all offended.

    And… it is nice to know there is a … hmmm….

    I know it is —  a herd of antelope, an army (swarm or colony) of ants, a tribe (or congress) of baboons, a lodge of beavers, a flight (swarm, hive) of bees, a flight of birds, a gaggle of geese, a brace of bucks, a rabble of butterflies, a wake of buzzards,  a litter of kittens, a drove of cattle, a yoke of oxen, a brood of chicken, a bed of clams, a quiver of cobras, a flight of dragons, and a congregation of crocodiles…

    what DOES one call a determined group of Jedi???
    (( besides “trouble” ))

    Anyway, it is nice to know there are plenty of Jedi compadres to kick my butt back into proper PC alignment.


    Perhaps a ‘buzz’ of Jedi, in honour of the fiercely buzzing lightsabers…we don’t have….hmm.

     My apologies to all offended.

    I don’t know if you’re being serious or not, but just so you know, I wasn’t offended in the least.  :yoda


    Nor was I.  It was just at teaching moment that I wanted to take advantage of.


    but Jax, c’mon.  I mean the main demographic for that show is by and large female.  I see your point but that’s not at all an unfair assumption that, if anyone on here were to watch that show, it would much more likely be the women.  WHy does it have to turn into a battle of sexism?


    Perhaps this will make it clearer.  From what I can tell, the people that watch shows of that type are a bit more shallow.  Typically the individuals we have here, of all genders, are looking for a little more out of life and that includes their entertainment.  Therefore, why assume that anyone here would watch it at all?

    I don’t want to pull the “you white males wouldn’t understand the impact simple comments can have” but many times what seems minor to the general male population isn’t as minor on the other side of the issue.  You see, this could easily have been stated in a way that doesn’t place assumptions on people.  “I don’t know if anyone has watched sex and the city, but even if you don’t, this video is amusing.”  That doesn’t assume anything. 

    Minor issue?  Perhaps.  But there is still a big gap in how men and women are treated and viewed in our world, which is perpetuated by people standing by and not pointing out all the small ways that bias shows.  It’s not like I or anyone else here jumped up and down and called Kol and sexist ass.  Just pointed out that it’s an incorrect assumption to make, giving Kol an opportunity to take a look at his reasons.  And since he wasn’t intending to offend anyone it makes it a safe learning situation as no one is upset and going off.  That provides a better chance for everyone to listen and consider different viewpoints than their own.  And that makes everyone a better person.


    I see where you’re coming from but I think you’re making a point that I’ve had a problem with my whole life.  In a backward way, you think that the original post was calling women more shallow.  Is that something you should take up with Kol Drake or one you should take up with TBS or whatever channel is hosting that show now, or should you take it up with the producers?  Or every person who watches it?  Because its a fact that the majority of the viewers of that show are women.  That’s not the fault of anyone here.  I think the original comment is completely valid, saying that if anyone here were to watch the show, it would be women.  You can’t deny that statistics would back that likelihood up.

    As for it being a comment that white men wouldn’t understand: you say that it can be hurtful because of the connotations the assumption has.  Well the same thing can be said about assuming that if anyone on these forums were to watch football, it would be men.  I’ll be one to say that’s a totally valid comment to make.  I personally don’t follow many sports, but the argument is always made that associate men with ‘brutal, shallow, and over-aggressive sports”.  Is that sexist?  Not in my opinion, because its true.  If anyone were to watch stuff like that, more likely to be the men.  Whether or not YOU think the people who watch it are shallow, that’s your own call.  Me, I don’t think that at all.

    I’ve just heard that defense a million times in this crusade to end sexism.  Were it a sexist assumption, sure he should think about it and revise his comments, but its not sexist, really.  Just because its about women doesn’t mean its bad… lol


    But I’m not arguing just one side, I’m arguing for not making any of these comments gendered.  I know it’s different out there in California, Spenser, but in the midwest football isn’t considered a sport only men watch – everyone is a fan (roughly speaking).  We should all be careful about the assumptions we make, that’s all.  And while, yes, chances are women would watch the show more than men, you can’t say that about all women.  A certain type of person, male or female, watches that show typically.  It’s just a matter of awareness.  And even in just writing these short posts I have to look at many of the things I say and be more careful with them.  :-)


    *smile* are you saying that everyone out there in the midwest is aggressive? lol.  As everyone out there watches football, similarly, everyone out here, and their mother… and their father… is a feminist.  So I’m accused of being sexist literally everyday and it just gets old.  Sorry if I kinda blew up, but I still think just because a comment, of any kind, is indeed gendered, that doesn’t in anyway inherently say anything negative about that gender.  How is it that when someone linking women to a stupid tv show, its a generalization, but then when someone says ‘women tend to be more caring and sensitive’ its common knowledge.  ‘Maybe I take offense to that because I’m a lot more sensitive and caring than most women I know!’  Well I cant take offense, because the fact is their true, they’re both true.  I just don’t know why it all has to be linked to sexism.

    I don’t think awareness is about calling people out and making them afraid to offend anyone, shit a woman telling me I’m being an insensitive ass (not that you were, I’m intentionally making a generalization as this situation happens to me very, very frequently) isn’t going to make me think any higher of women as a whole.


    While it may be true, that doesn’t mean that we should speak in a gendered way which then excludes anyone that doesn’t fit the stereotype.  This is how society conditions us to our gender roles from our earliest moments.  How many of us have felt that sting of hearing a comment that basically tells us we aren’t ‘right’ because we don’t fit the ideal?  How many people tried to adjust their behavior, becoming someone they aren’t, to avoid that sting?  Just from simple comments that might not have even had the intention of hurting someone.  I know I can give a few examples, and I’m sure you can too.  A lot of dysfunction in this world comes from these situations.  But with awareness we can correct some of these situations and provide a bit more freedom and understanding.

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