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    Not sure if this one fits here, or more in Esoteric, so if anyone finds this should be in another category, by all means switch it over.

    So I’m the sort of person that can pick up almost any book and just read, no problem, right? I’ve even had a look at some of what is considered the most dark books known to a even Wiccan’s themselves. But I find it intriguing when I come across a book that I cannot hold in my hand. My “energy” just forbids me from getting past the table of contents… And in one case, I couldn’t even open the book without it just “jumping” out of my hand. Until today, I have had a total of three books that had this effect on me. Today, I can add two more to that list. All of them dealing with theology (two are “holy books”, but I won’t delve into which they are.). Normally, I would brush off such things with “well, it must be that I believe this is evil, and thus there is an easy psychological explanation”. Except…three out of five of the books handed to me have been done so when my back was turned and I had my hand held out while someone said “Hey, as an amateur theologist, you should totally check out this book.” Without knowing what the book was, I have dropped it within miliseconds of it touching my skin because it (for lack of a better word) “burned”.

    So, it makes me wonder, has anyone else experienced this phenomena? And if so, did you try to fid out anything about the book after the experience to find out just what about it might set your personal energy off?


    Hey Seta,

    I’m curious to see what some people say to this, but I have not had this big of a reaction before.  Often times, when reading something, my intuition might be twisting and turning, and I know that I should take what I’m doing with a grain of salt, but I’ve never had a burning sensation.  My only other guess is that it might be your own higherself or something of that nature preventing you from knowing something.  It doesn’t necessarily make the knowledge wrong or bad either; its just not time for you to know about it yet. 

    Just my two cents though,


    I’d definitely heed the message.  Personally I have different experiences.  With some, when recommended, I just feel absolutely no desire to read it.  Since recommendations are never in physical book form that’s the most I get.  If I’m reading I may find I just put the book down if it gets to a point where I don’t accept it, but usually I just find the book never gets opened to begin with. 

    Definitely an interesting, strong experience.  There are multiple reasons for it.  I’ve seen my wife have that reaction when she had a negative entity attached to her and she was being presented with holy water.  But there’s also the option of it being your higher self or spirit guide protecting you.  It’s hard to tell the difference without knowing what the books are I think.

    Brandel Valico

    I’ve never had the negative feeling. But I have walked down the stacks in a library letting my hand trail over the books and suddenly had a book in my hand without ever having even looked at it and had the book be just what I needed to read at that moment.

    Kol Drake

    lol… being an ex mate of an ordained minister, I can say I have kidded her many times about me being ‘struck by lightning upon enterin’ or being used as the example on the pulpit steps … “see, you could end up like him…”   Of course, I also tried to sell her on the idea of selling bottles of wine after communion “Get yer own bottle of “Grapes of Wrath”; a blessing in every bottle!”   ;D

    My first question which came to mind was… when these ‘books’ came to you, did they come from the same person?  Are you sensing their energy and not the books per se?  Or, an energy imparted to the books from someone else?

    Second… IF is the books themselves, then why is your aura/Force sense zapping you?
    What is in there that would be considered a danger to yourself and your sensibilities?

    I’ve read your posts and seen some (I confess, not all) of your youtube lectures and classes.  You do not seem the sort that would be easily swayed by trinkets and easy promises.  Nor scared by ‘boo, scarey’ stuff even if it was ‘the darkest of the dark’.  Instead I figured you for the sort who might read it and then go ‘meh, okay… so what’.    Maybe that is me placing my interpretation instead of ‘knowing’ you but… that’s the impression I got.

    Now, if they ARE burning books.
    KEWL!   Send me the titles under an email and I’ll read them.  I’ve read so many other theological texts over the years, I might have already read these.  Darn.. um… I hope it wasn’t MY energy on those books!     ???


    I do tend to find out information about the books themselves.  Or the religious practices that they teach (in the case of the two holy books).  Each and every one of them have been handed off to me by different people (in the case of the most recent two, they were on the books shelf at a bookstore.  I tried every copy-its not the book keepers as I can touch/read all the other books in the store no problem.  And unless the same person decided to leave his/her mark on them all at once…well it’s just not likely.

    That said, I’ve talked with the store clerk about the most recent two-she said she had read them (she’s a Buffy fan, so I thought I’d try my luck in talking with her about “spiritual happenings” this once).  Her take was that they were for fakers.  So before I delve into what the books are further I plan on researching them to see if they are even worthwhile.  Though…the one…is EXTREMELY intriguing, just to see what the author has to say :D.

    The two holy books, one of them I was in constant contact with while I was in another country.  There was only ONCE when I was “allowed” to touch the book, inside was contraband, but after that I could never touch that copy again…and I couldn’t even read it!  Go figure that one out.  I plan on one day reading them, and going beyond just what people of their theology have to say about their beliefs.  It’s just taking me some time-as we all know Holy Books take a good long time to read over, and well frankly you can’t trust everyone you talk to about what a Holy Book says because they tend to just take bits and pieces out of it (as is the case with most Christians).  The third book (which is the one I can’t remember it’s name) is one I kind of wish I could find again.  I actually started reading that one…because I bought it thinking it was on something else.  But I couldn’t understand it, so I gave it to a friend who was from the theological study it was aimed at.  He loved it, for the life of me I just didn’t get it (it mixed science and a particular belief system-and I normally understand scientific endeavors).


    I’ve seen my own writing written on something emanate my personal energy. Sometimes I discover things like, “what, I have this still in my energy?”

    As to books, they might seem like separate objects for us, but are they? Everything in universe is connected. People can create pockets of energy, so to speak, with certain moods and characteristics that aren’t held within physical objects. What if books are the same, what if in Force everything is magical, even if we do our mundane things?

    From a more mundane perspective. Everything is energy, energy vibrates and where there is vibration, there is information.

    Heard of runes? Simple forms of channels of energy.
    What if books are complex channels of energy as well? Beacons for energies befitting their content, beside vibrating with the qualities and information of the energy that is presented in them?
    Since all is connected in the Force then…?


    That almost goes along the lines of how water is affected by words.  According to Masaru Emoto (author of “Messages in Water”), words can affect water-even when they are written because of the intent they have when they are written.  Since our bodies are made up of 60-80% (depending on your age) of water, it wouldn’t be such a far stretch by Emoto’s work to suggest that perhaps the words carry the same energy and interact with our own “water”.

    That’s an interesting theory. :)


    Okay – if I held a book and it burned I’d be the heck FREAKED OUT 😮

    When I get a “bad vibe” I feel cold, cold, cold.  Like a cold worm is squirming in my tummy and is trying to crawl up through my mouth. 

    I think Jax had it right – I’m not all that sure about some esoterics – but peoples’ vibes that are so strong should be given top billing.  Sometimes the body senses what the mind cannot handle?

    That’s an interesting theory.

    It can be practically used and observed, so its more than a theory… Theory would be as to why and how it works. I don’t know it just does. I’ve read even information left in air after my head having passed through it. Well it’s not really air really. It is environment of energy, vibrating and always keeping some information in it.

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