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    Isen SoRac III

    I will keep one journal for all aspects.

    Day 1
    two weeks ago I picked up again my bouldering trainings, I got out of a month of post operation recovery and felt really afraid of loosing the progress I had made..
    the first day was alright, but the next week was horrible, my muscles were sore, I was frustrated. but my teacher told me one thing that got me out of that cycle; that I had to learn to enjoy what I was doing.
    I was so caught up in my initial failure I forgot why I was there in the first place. this is the third week im back on the wall. and I feel the progress.
    This sport has helped me learn a lot of myself, it has been really important in my healing and reprograming process.
    Yesterday I was 3 hours there, today only one and a half. muscle fatigue didn’t let me go all the way I wanted to go. still recuperation is very important :P.

    Today I had a unconfortable dream, I was trying to move, somehow I felt I was conscious in it, im not 100% sure I was but all my moves were very very heavy, my eyes felt half shut, the colors dark. there was a moment a the top of my head profoundly intruded, like something drilling my head. saw the tipical alien face like a kid. but at that point the dream colors were all neon.
    and yet somehow I think it’s more a memory than anything else. Meaning I felt this way at some point.
    Despite the dream I felt good at the bouldering place, I had time to relax and feel all soft inside. :cheer:

    Isen SoRac III

    Day 3
    Today I went climbing for a coupl hours, could barely do something, my muscles were fatigued I think, im not sure If im lacking protein for regeneration or it’s something else.
    I realized when I felt I couldn’t keep going and felt weak I expressed myself as sad, when in reality I wanted to say I can’t keep going, im going to stop.
    the people there thought I was sad about it and beating myself up, ofcourse they did, I was passing that feeling.
    It’s important to be true to what you want to say 😆

    I found a peaceful spot on my garden to clean myself, it was awesome. that will be my to go spot for meditation.
    Playing chess could be a useful learning and meditating tool, i’m starting to play when I have the chance.
    To be honest I don’t have much of an idea of what is useful to you when writing this journal. :ponder

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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