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      The Celestine Prophecy was written in 1993 By James Redfield, Mixing Psychological, spiritual, and Scientific Ideas, to combine many Ancient Eastern traditions with New Age ideas. The Books follow the main character as he travels first to Peru, then to the Appalachian Mountains, and finally to Tibet, tracking down the different insights on how to achieve the Divine within ourselves, much as Jesus was accredited with in the New Testament. During his travels, the insights are revealed to him through a series of encounters with other people and situations. Referred to by the Author as a Parable, these stories not only show the insights, but explain them by use of the situations encountered.

        Instead of being a study Group about the Books, this will be a group to Study the insights themselves. Though the books will be helpful, they will not be necessary as only your mind and ability to think will be required. My posts to this group will be broken up into the different Insights, basically giving the insight, and excerpt from the books helping to explain the insight, and possibly some exercise’s to help understand the insights. The main Key of this group though, will be the discussion of the individual insights and how they pertain to you and they world around us.  I hope that we will see some amazing things come out of this group!

    An online PDF Version:
    The Celestine Prophecy, the first book can be found Here.
    The 10th Insight – Holding the Vision, can be found Here.


    I look forward to it.  I’m not going to read the book, partially because I don’t want to, but more so because I want to approach this simply from the concepts and see what I can learn from them without the details of the book.  I hope I can make different connections in this way.  I look forward to what everyone puts forth. :-)


    I’ve nearly finished the first book and have the “Experimental Guide” handbook, made for those who wish to follow that path for themselves. I’ll join in when I’m finished. :3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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