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    Greetings all,

    I have actually had an account at this institute for many years, but failed to be engaged until now. While living a life of a Jedi in Second Life since 2005, I have touched many Jedi lives in that world, mostly in a roleplay kind of way. But it has always been my hope that I have touched them morally and spiritually. I have been a “Master” in SL in many groups and have written many ideals and concepts on what it means to be a True Jedi. I hope to in time share my thoughts, which I have come to call the Tome of the Old Jedi.

    In real life, I am 32, married, and have a 10-month old daughter who is truly the bee’s knees (whatever that means). I was raised Catholic, however I fell away from my faith long ago and have since searched for something that fits my mind and soul. My wife is still Christian and we go to church, but I am still not practicing.

    So after my many years of being a Jedi in SL, teaching, learning, and studying the Jedi way, I have come to the conclusion that I yet have much to learn. I am no “Master” IRL, I can tell you that. But what I aspire to be is a True Jedi in practice and pass that information along to others IRL. I have done most of what is possible to do in the SL universe as far as teaching and learning and thus a natural extension to real life has presented itself.

    Friends with Tercenya and others, I hope I can join this community, learn more about being a Jedi, and pass on what I have come to learn in my brief stint as a Jedi.

    Good to be here!



    Welcome!  I knew there was a Jedi presence in SL but never knew how big it was.  Glad you (all) found your way here. :-)

    Kol Drake


    Welcome both from the SL realm and the realm of Internetery  :P

    Hope you find some interesting things to poke at here and personally, I would not mind wandering a bit in SL to see what world you have woven there some time.  ;D


    Second Life has a vast Star Wars Roleplay community, with many locations to look at. I could name off a few, but I’m not sure where to start. I would look at Ossus, New Holstice (my home, and where my writings are), and Dantooine for good builds. Ruusan also has a decent build for Jedi. On the Sith side, you should check out Byss and Drumand Kas, and there may be others. On the more neutral side, check out the Little Mos Eisley (LME) sims, as well as Nal Hutta, Nar Shadaa, and Mos Espa. Taris and Endor are good places too.

    As for people to talk with, I am not sure where to send you. The state of Jedi in SL is in extreme flux. If you want to talk to what I would call True Jedi in SL, I would stick to Ossus or New Holstice, but there is very little traffic there. Any other place you risk finding someone who has lost their way, unfortunately.

    Hopefully this helps!



    Welcome to the IJRS!

    Hopefully you learn a little from us while spending time here, and I look forward to seeing the Tome of the Old Jedi; I’m sure it’s an interesting read.



    hello marcus i must say i have never heard of SL guess i havn’t been around enough =) I wish u luck in ur search for more knowlege and hope to see ur future posts =)


    Greetings Marcus and Welcome…

    I couldn’t make heads or tails out of SL so I popped smoke and vanished… But perhaps wih a bit of guidance I might give it another try…lol

    Kol Drake


    Second Life can be a total mystery even to those who haunt it regularly.  :P

    I have been in and out of it for a couple of years now and spend more time learning about how to program the toys I try to make then many of the other social functions… though I have been known to put on a posh frock and dance at a couple of clubs for hours on end…… loooong story.

    I hope to lurk on over to the sites mentioned and see what trouble … I mean, what things of interest might be there to look into.  :noway

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