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    The Largest interfaith global meditation and prayer event ever performed will be taking place from May 15th to May 29th with over one-million people participating. At the same time James Twyman will join with peacemakers from throughout Israel and Palestine to literally “hug” the Old City of Jerusalem, sending their prayers of peace to heal that troubled land.

    The Jerusalem Hug will take place on May 21, but there are many other ways you can participate. Over the next two weeks we’ll send other announcements describing how you can help spread this worldwide movement of peace and prayer. Also, James is leading a group of pilgrims to be part of this event, and there are still a few places left. If you have any interest in attending in person, please visit JamesTwyman.com and click Schedule.

    Please use the information below to register yourself or your group. Let’s choose peace today for ourselves and the whole world.

    More information on the vigil:

    CommonPassion.org, in cooperation with many local and global groups, is orchestrating the world’s largest interfaith global meditation and prayer event ever performed. This will be a series of meditation and prayers for community and global peace to be held between May 15th and May 29th, 2007. It is anticipated that over 1,000,000 people will participate in this two-week program from virtually every faith-system, religious group, indigenous community and meditation assembly currently in existence.
    Concurrent with the prayer-meditation practices we will monitor crime statistics, emergency call data and other social indicators to ascertain change as a result of this peace-creating program.

    Here’s how the May program works:

    Each group will select a day or days in which to perform their specific prayer or meditative practice, the intention for which is to foster social harmony at a local and or global level. CommonPassion.org is formulating a common intention and theme for all groups to share, which will foster the coherence-creating effect. Each group or individual will enroll on this site and provide a profile of the practice that will be performed on the selected day(s).

    The localized foci of prayer-meditation activities will be based in large part on where we can obtain data from law enforcement and municipal governments. In other words, if Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Tokyo, London and Rio municipal governments agree to provide crime and emergency call data, then we will enroll additional groups in these metro areas to participate in activities focused on these areas. This will help enlist the meaningful cooperation of participants in target areas; the empirical evidence suggests that this will enhance the desired effect.

    CommonPassion.org is the primary portal for enrolling and participating in this program.

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