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    I was reading an email today that said this October was going to be characterized by intensity.  Emotions would be more intense than normal and I have to admit I’ve experienced that so far.  I have been quick to anger, uncharacteristically lashing out.  Now I understand that part of this is because I’m being worn down by my wife’s illness.  But even so this has been a rather odd month.  I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well.  I have been fighting this darkness all week.  I’m keeping it under control with sheer will and by forcing myself to keep slowly working on things that need to be done, like pack. lol


    Last weekend till about wednesday, I spent the week in Baltimore, running around like a chicken with my head cut off with my brother.  This weekend was spent doing a survival training campout, then strait to sword training today.  My grandmother passed away yesterday, so i will be spending most of this next weekend dealing with that back in my home town.  I’m just going to be spending the week there instead of going back to work because i have a wedding this coming weekend in which i will be the videographer for my sister in law.  The following weekend I will be putting on a bachelor party for my best friend.  The final weekend of the month is another wedding.  And finally, the weekend after that is Indiana/ kentucky search and rescue conference. 

    So yea, intense is a good word for this month.


    Whew, don’t forget to breathe in all that Andy!  I thought it was going to be hard enough getting Carrie’s pain taken care of and moving.  At least I haven’t had much to do at work so I’m taking advantage of the free time to work on Jedi stuff. ;-) 

    Intense can be good though.  If we get a lot done in a short time it might make for an easier November.  Maybe. hehe


    First…Andy it was awesome to see you =]  Glad I’m finally getting to really be active with my offline Jedi Community

    Second…yes this month has been highly intense.  I’ve switched my mind about my major twice now (sheer conviction with both) and then spent this weekend in chicago.  Also will be doing a lot of Jedi meetups (I think…) this month as well, as well as this is the month that is basically my deadline for kind of deciding the next 1-3 years of my education future. 

    As far as emotions go though, I’ve been pretty calm in that area.  But that’s a lot to do with counseling and your teaching Jax :P


    I was having a pretty bad week last week, and October (which is practically half over already) has got a lot on for me. That said, it is exam month at the University, I had a kendo grading tonight (did well in btw), and I’ve been dropped into a steaming pile of politics as well. Plus there’s always the wondering when I’m going to get made redundant in case I get bored with worrying about exams or politics.

    However, my life is pretty much always like this so more or less same-old.


    Beral Khan

    My life, too has been full of stress, but starting a business and working the hours I do would do that. :)  I barely know it’s October to be honest.

    Magdelene Nashira

    I’ve not noticed any major change personally.  Though I have become quite skilled at letting my emotions go by and not reacting, but I did notice a couple of things.  I got a new doctor and experienced a sense of relief because I like him better.  I didn’t notice before the sense of relief came that I was even stressing on it.  Then Streen is in the hospital.  I wasn’t too worried about it because it was planned months in advance and is just a surgery to followup on surgery, so I sensed he would be ok.  I did, again, experience that sense of releif when I heard from him after the surgery and know that I know that I know he made it through it ok.  He’s recouperating well, which is a relief.


    I didn’t notice it at first, but I’ve been really emotional for no reason this month. I get worked up or angry very easily, and have to spend a lot of time relaxing or calming myself down. Its kind of odd, but I’ve started taking Aikido this month and started to meditate again, so thats helping manage the extra weird energies. :)


    Mags, there’s no reason why you have to have an intense October, so it’s cool that you’re doing well. :-)

    Kai-an, with any energy influence you are correct – it can be managed through different techniques.  Sometimes it’s simply through awareness and constant vigilance.  Meditation helps, as does energy exercises that balance the energy within.  Thanks for sharing!


    It has been and maybe will be an intens October. I’m dealing with not getting really ill. Although I caught a cold and feeling a little adynamic this month I do not have any problems with my emotions. So that’s fine for me. But I’m lacking of sparetime this month extremely in the way that every weekend something was going on. First weekend in the month I met my ex-girlfriend, which I’m not completely sure if it was a good thing to do or not!? She invited me for dinner to celebrate my birthday. In the end it was a nice evening but it showed me, that there are no deeper feelings anymore left for her.
    The next weekend I was on a martial arts seminar. This was very, very intens and once more showed me what I do have to learn and practice on.
    On the next weekend I helped my sensei to move house.
    Te upcoming weekend I’m looking forward to attend an other martial arts seminar.
    But after all that I do have a week off. So hope to be able to enjoy it!

    One other thing I noticed is, that I have intens dreams the last couples of days. The are not really good or bad, the are “just” intens in the way that I could remember them when I get up. Before that I just slept the night through and couldn’t remember any of my dreams.

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