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    Name – Intel
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    Well my Jedi path has been long and slow but very fulfilling.  I really started on the path about 8 years ago and have tried to form my own way.  Over the years I have popped on and off sites to get a little more structure until finally stopping here at the Jedi Academy just a few short months ago.  As far as my own personal life I try to stay active either outside activities or with Kung-fu (which I have taken for 2 ½ years).  Other then that, just ask and I will be happy to share.


    I do not think I have ever taken a spiritual journey, however I do feel like that I am constantly looking for the right roads to follow in my spiritual life, and also how far to follow those roads.  When I was younger it was much easier for me to follow things blindly, however I do like figuring these questions on my own terms and beliefs.  So far I have not come to any specific conclusions on this long journey but it is very fulfilling. 


    Hm, albiet word usage….I think ‘journey’ and ‘road’ and ‘path’ are pretty similiar, maybe even interchangable words.

    that being said, would you not even consider your own Jedi path a spiritual ‘journey’

    For me, for instance, my spiritual journey is my Jedi path, they are one in the same, one balancing the other.  I am on a road of self-discovery..making mistakes and learning lessons from them.  It helps though if you have a faith in a higher self(possibly the Force)



    I agree with what you are saying I was just trying to think of a shorter journey then 8 years or more.  :)  but I do feel that it is a journey that I am on now just one that will take a long time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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