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    What do you personally want to see change at the Institute, either on the academy side of things or the forum?  What would you like to see us focus on this year?  So far discussions with other members has resulted in this list. Is there anything different you’d like to see? 

    1. Twice monthly chats in the chat room (first of which occurs in a few days)
    2. Featured library article to discuss (remember the library? lol)
    3. Discussion prompts to keep things moving
    4. Astral projection study group (this February)

    What else? And what can you help with?


    What’s the role of this Institute in Jedi community now? What could it’s role be in the future?

    Do we have a dream for the future of jedi? The vision of what we want jedi to be and have helps us see what we need to do now and gives us strength to keep working toward our dreams.

    Dreams come true.

    I wonder if these monthly chat sessions are still up and running. At what days, times?


    They fell off but we’ll pick them up again before long.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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