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    What is the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies?

    The Institute was born out of the Jedi Academy, the evolution of the Academy at JEDI, at a time when many online training options and instructors were dwindling in number.  In addition, there has been a need for greater cooperation and unity between training systems and groups.  The Institute was formed to address these problems in a way that didn’t infringe on the autonomy of groups involved. 

    The Institute consists of Affiliates which provide training to students in the way that best suits the individuals involved.  The training which varies from structured classes to mentoring and a combination of the two has some common threads.  All Affiliates agree to the same standards for ranks.  This means that a student can move between affiliate sites, training as best suits their life without having to start over.  Once a student attains a rank at one affiliate, it is honored at all affiliates (and in fact may have undergone trials with members of multiple affiliates). 

    How does a site become an Affiliate?

    Becoming an Affiliate involves a process of discussing the requirements for each rank defined at the Institute, as well as how those ranks are attained.  While this seems rather straight forward, history tells us it isn’t so.  We do not mean to infer that a site is of poor quality if it is not an Affiliate.  There are many reasons why a website is not an Affiliate, including that we simply don’t know of its existence.  If you have a training facility and would like to become an Affiliate, please contact us.

    I already hold rank from (insert Jedi group here).  Does my rank carry over?

    Unless your rank was granted by an Affiliate using the same standards as all Institute Affiliates, your rank does not automatically transfer.  Depending on your level of experience you may take trials for the rank closest to your level of knowledge.  Or we may discuss your background; perhaps create a modified trial to determine your level of knowledge to determine what courses you need to bring you up to speed.  We don’t, however, hand out rank easily.  Rank is not just a way to measure the level of knowledge a person has, but also whether they have internalized the Jedi path, as shown by their behavior and attitude.  That requires us knowing you for more than a week. 

    The reason for this is that we are taking a big picture view of the Jedi community.  Currently, most people interact online because there are not Jedi in their local area that they are aware of.  However, the Jedi path is one that is lived and practiced offline, so standards are set to have meaning offline as well as online.  While our standards are high, all students are given the tools to reach those standards.  Whether or not you have the goal of attaining rank within the Institute, you will find Jedi training of value in your day to day life.  If you would like examples, just ask anyone who has been training for a short while and they’ll be able to provide examples from their work, school, or relationships. 


    I know there have been discussions regarding ranking before at the academy. Are there going to be trials eventually?


    Yes.  Give me a little time and I’ll have the ranking standards in a user friendly format.  At this point they are in a very unfriendly format that requires me to explain way too much.  :-)  By January we’ll have a lot more information available for you, including a new website and more information about the other affiliates. 


    Alright so I am having difficulties understanding… Is this like… Legit? Because I can do energy work so “the force” and I have very Buddhist beliefs although I have my own unifying consciousness belief system. I want to know everything this is about please inform me!

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