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    Exercise 1. Journal Work – Past Coincidences
    Purpose: By taking notice of coincidences in the past, you strengthen your ability to make more sense of them in the future.
    Step1: Answer the following nine questions:

      [/li][li]Were there any particular coincidences or signs connected with getting your current living space(significant house numbers, encounters with neighbors, delays in negotiations, mixed up phone calls, special street names, or any other odd detail)? [/li]


      [li]How did you get your present job? Think back to how your found out about it, to whom you talked, and what messages you might have received.[/li]
      [li]What were your first impressions of the workplace?[/li]
      [li]Did you notice any signs that might have portended something that later occurred?[/li]
      [li]Was there something you wished you had listened to before taking this job?[/li]


      [li]Describe how you met your most important relationship. What led up to your being in that place at that time?[/li]
      [li]Did the person you meet remind you of anyone else?[/li]
      [li]What was your first impression of this person? Has that impression been a true one?[/li]
      [li]Did you notice any signs (a dream after meeting this person, an odd coincidence, a delay, a mix-up)?[/li]

            Step 2: Review your answers, Looking for any similarities I how things generally come to you. What was the similarity, if any, between meeting a significant relationship and getting a job or a new apartment?  Were you able to notice signs when they appeared? Did you act on your hunches? Are you used to taking small risks such as talking to someone with whom you’ve made eye contact?

    Exercise 2. Daily Observation

    External Cues
        Begin to notice any external signs that seem to be beckoning you in a certain direction. External cues can be something like following up on a lost message that suddenly turns up on your desk, seeing a new piece of information in the newspaper that relates to an emerging interest or career direction, a detour, any change of plans. Ask yourself, What information is coming my way? What do I need to pay attention to here? Not everything has a special message for you, but by becoming more open to these ”little doorways” you increase your sense of adventure.
    Internal Cues
      Intuition is our inner sense of perception. With external cues we are hearing, seeing, touching, or being guided by something outside ourselves( or so it seams). With internal cues, we have to pay attention to our inner senses. Our inner senses usually give us very accurate feedback if we learn to really listen.  Begin to notice over the next few days what internal cues arise in different situations, such as tightening in the neck or stomach, clenching the jaws, los of energy, shallow breathing, tapping fingers, crossed arms or legs, or irritation with sounds. Ask yourself, “What’s really going on now? What am I picking up?”

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