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    It was rather fun when we were recording dreams earlier this year, I’m glad this has been started again.

    Friday night:

    I don’t remember a lot of this dream, but I was in a warehouse the size of an aircraft hanger, with a long cold-store bin (like you might see at a supermarket, you can reach in and get icecream or other frozen stuff out). Accompanying me was a black jaguar, walking with me and occasionally ranging a little ahead. Then, ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) came up from behind me, and I turned, snatching a weapon (not sure what type now) from my waist and utterly determined to kill as many of the bastards as I could before they got me. My jaguar stood beside me, giving a fangy snarl and as determined as I to go down fighting.

    Saturday night:

    Don’t remember much of this either, but I was at a petrol station and looking to get something out of the back seat of a station wagon. As I opened the door, a large German Shepard leaped out and knocked me flat. He grabbed my arm in his jaws and held it firmly, growling a little, but he wasn’t actually hurting me, just standing on my chest and making sure I couldn’t move. I woke up around then.



    The jaguar is a symbol of integration and power of the shaman. I find it interesting that there is a crisper there in the dream (coldness, frozen abilities and potential) and someone/many people are trying to come up from behind you…

    Your jaguar just sat there snarling… did you also know that the jaguar is a symbol of the shapeshifter? If possible, the next dream you have where you are being attacked, shapeshift into another creature and then use those abilities in the fight. You will wake having integrated those abilities into your self.

    The german shepard is a protector. It will hold you down (and in some cases harm you) to keep you from being harmed in a worse way. They are representative of natural ability, protection of the earth and family. Now, I have to wonder… Do you ever feel as if family obligations hold you down?

    Do you ever feel as if family obligations hold you down?

    Gee, Icarus, one might say that. (understated irony there). But, what can I do? I work as best I can within the limits I have. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    I find it interesting I’m getting all these ‘protective’ animals popping up in real life and dream life, I have no idea what I need protecting against though.

    This mornings dream.

    I am back at school, in year 10 I think, but the age I am now. Everyone is sitting in class, the teacher is droning on and on, and I’m getting sidelong looks from my ‘classmates’. Then the teacher tells us it’s time to go outside. Everything outside is dry, dying, dusty. The students move from plant to plant splashing water at the roots. I mention to the teacher that they’d better giving the plants a long soak, the water was evaporating even as I watched. The teacher told me I was just a student and didn’t know what the heck I was talking about,and to do it the same as everyone else. I refused. There was a bit more to this dream, but I’ve forgotten it. Not doing so good on the remembering.


    Inari, I have felt the same way about protection.  I have a very strong protector, and now live in a house with even more protection, as Icarus has learned when she hopped over here for a healing one evening.  :-)  The way I look at it, if I don’t feel like I need protecting, they’re probably doing their job so well I’m not aware of any danger that existed. 

    Your new dream looks like it’s a difference between you and most of the people around you.  They are content doing something that looks good but doesn’t actually do anything, while you need to do actual good.  You aren’t satisfied with the surface appearance, you want depth.  Maybe you aren’t feeling supported and that no one is listening to you about what you feel has to happen?

    Do you ever feel as if family obligations hold you down?

    Gee, Icarus, one might say that. (understated irony there). But, what can I do? I work as best I can within the limits I have. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    I understand completely. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, I know that you wouldn’t trade the kids in for anything. Neither would I. But, sometimes, it’s like you know your potential, and know exactly what you could be doing, but you are restrained. But, you know… it’s especially that way with the itty bitty ones. I’ve been a mom for eleven years now, and I have learned that we are on this journey together. There are times when I feel as if I could be doing so much more, but then I look at the kids and Danny and remember that there is a reason we are in this together. We are learning from one another that which we will need when the time comes for our potential to be brought out and fulfilled.

    In other words, it’s almost a safeguard for all of us.

    And yes, it does sound as if your dreams are saying that you feel no one is listening to you. I mean, they may hear you speak, but are they really listening-especially when your ideas and desires contradict what everyone else desires and needs?

    And then you have your business stuff… I won’t touch that because I’d stroke out just trying to get a business up and going, but I assume that is like walking around on eggshells waiting on the other hammer to fall…

    And then, you have this Jedi community… where everyone has a different idea of what is right and how things must be done. If you actually act out on what you really feel, then well… all of a sudden you don’t meet that standard of a Jedi and get dismissed. Or, you’re expected to always hold to a certain way when you may discover a different path that works better for you…

    All of this. It gets crazy and when you look around and see all of the people without kids that think that they know it all, just because they have more time to type out things on a screen or read a few more books than you can, then it starts to make you think that everyone else gets listened to, but you would to, if only…

    But, in the end, it doesn’t matter if anyone else listens to you. Do you listen to yourself? When you feel the truth within you, and you pass that onto others, they do hear you… you are just planting seeds sometimes.

    Ok, I’ll stop rambling.

    And just so you know, there are a few people that always want to hear what you have to say.  :)

    Kol Drake


    I like what you “I” women have to say!!!

    (( see, now this way I can’t screw up who is whom!!!  :rofl: ))

    And, ya.. I’m old and read and have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands lately and ‘live’ vicariously through the Internet and the Academy at times.  If I don’t get to chat with like minded people in a handspan of years, I think my brains would be oozing out my ears.  Or, they cut all the power and the old brain machine would go permanently dark.  :plight

    AND… even though I am a mouthy sob… I *do* listen and respect all *you* folks say.
    I KNOW I am pretty darn clueless about so many aspects of life, living, loving, learning…  I *have to* be open to all views. 

    (( will still try to not stand between “I” and wooden walls…  ))

    AND HEY!!!
    I got equated to a german shepard earlier this week… that wasn’t ME taking a bite outta yer arm!


    Awww….. Hey! How come we don’t have a huggy thing to put up here? Ok, this meditating bubble will have to do: Here’s a hug for you, Kol:  :med2

    Beral Khan

    I agree with Jax, Inari.  The concept of trying to make a difference when the world around you tells you that you don’t know what you are talking about can certainly make one feel like a 10 year old child.

    You just keep dancing your own way. :D


    I had a somewhat long and complicated dream this morning. I wrote it down when I awoke but may have got the order of events mixed up.

    I started off standing with my husband and mother, looking at a vacant block of land. It was a fairly narrow but long block of land, lying on a slope. The bottom of the block was at the base of the hill and the ground there was a bit swampy. I wasn’t overly happy about the swampiness of the land there, but there were also 5 bores in the ground there (you folks know what a bore is don’t you? Where a pipe has been drilled into the aquifer and has a pump attached to bring the water up). I liked the fact there was a bore, but wasn’t sure about having so many of them,  (landowners have to pay water rates on bores in my area).

    Then I was at school again, again as a grown-up in a classroom of children (like yesterdays dream). This part lasted briefly before I was at a laundrymat, getting towels out of a dryer and putting a new load on to wash. I think that I was doing washing for several people, including my mother.

    Then I went to visit some friends, whose daughter used to go to school with me. We haven’t been friends in quite a while, but she said she had something to show me and we went downstairs into a room she’d set up as a bar. In the room, behind the bar, was a large pot or cauldron,  with lots of helium filled balloons attached to the handles so that the pot or cauldron was floating at about waist height . My ‘friend’ then began to pick up bottles of expensive alcohols and pour them into the cauldron, shouting that she was going to make a ‘witches brew’ and ‘get drunker than anyone ever has before’ (this behaviour, while not exactly normal for this person, is within her character). I was frankly disgusted by the waste and excess and wanted to get out there.


    Dream for Wednesday:

    I think this dream was inspired by Tim Burton.

    I was visiting an old friend (not someone I know in real life) for dinner, in a house I hadn’t been to before. It was a full on gothic style manor. Initially myself and a few other people were shown into the ‘library’. It was a massive room, with ceiling high shelves. But, the shelves were mostly empty, they were painted a verdigris green and the paint was peeling, and the plaster had fallen away here and there to expose the lathes.

    We were then shown into a dining room. It was a long table, and the friend had a little blonde girl sitting with us, beautifully dressed in an old-fashioned white frilly dress with a blue sash. We were served the first course, and the little girl handed me her stuffed toy. It was an Afghan dog, with long golden-brown silk fur and stitched eyes. Then, suddenly, the toy came alive, and was trying to maul my arm, but it was of course still a stuffed toy and hence toothless. I was not afraid, more annoyed. I looked at the girl and I realised that she had some sort of powers and was making the stuffed toy do this to me. She looked sly and malicious.  She did some unpleasant things to the other guests (don’t remember exactly what) and I ran out of the house. The house was located at the edge of a beautiful plaza, with pale grey flagstones and lots of bridges over canals, and pots with red geraniums everywhere. I ran to a bridge with the toy that was still trying to bite me, wrapped something around it to weigh it down, and threw it into the canal, where it promptly sank like a stone.  Around me, people were starting to scream and wave their arms at nothing, and leap into the canals where they were drowning. I realised that the girl was the one doing it to them, and also realised that she wasn’t able to affect me for some reason.

    I went back to the house, and found a lab and notes that said the girl had had some sort of experiment done on her to give her her powers. I then realised I’d have to do the experiment on myself to get the power to fight her and protect those she was killing, though I also knew that doing this would result in my death in a fairly short period of time. I then woke up. Darn it! Could have been an interesting cataclysmic battle between the sweet faced little blonde girl and the fuzzy-headed bespectacled lady!

    It was a very vivid dream, lots of colour, action and activity.

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