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    Note for non-native English speakers. The idea of a hiccup in life or creation is the same as saying a bump in the road, or something that is keeping a situation from being straight forward and simple. Hope that helps!

    I’m back, and with a hilarious (to me) story.

    I have been working a lot on creating more money in my life and business. So when a check arrived yesterday from the electric company I was excited for the unexpected money. Yay! But it’s written out to my healing business, which is definitely not any information they should even have. I paid with my name and on behalf of my solar company.

    So today I ask the bank if I can cash it by showing proof that I own that business name. They say I have to have a federal tax number to cash it (and create a business account.) Well, I don’t want to spend $55 on that just to cash a $250 check. Then I call the electric company, figure out it’s the refund for a deposit I paid on behalf of my solar client, and they have no idea how it got written out to the wrong person/company either. So, I have money, I just can’t cash it.

    How many times have you created something in your life, but it had hiccups along the way for no obvious reason? How did you react? If you know enough about creating and the law of attraction to be dangerous, you probably started judging yourself. Asking questions like, what did I screw up? Why can’t I just create this without any issues? What’s wrong with me? Some of those are in my head, though much quieter than in the past because I’m choosing as often as possible to no longer judge myself.

    Why not judge? Judgement stops creation. It creates limitations. And that means, it creates less money! Do you want to create less money? I don’t! If you want to create more, not less, then you might want to consider eliminating judgment from your life.

    How? Let’s start with some simple tools. First, stop. I will say, sometimes out loud, and with some force, STOP! No more judgment. Take a breath. Or three. Then, I recognize that I’m making this hiccup significant, which gives it far more power to cause problems in my life. A great tool or mantra to take away the significance of an event is to repeat “What else is possible?” and “How does it get any better than this?” What’s done is done, so what can be created now? These questions get us into that space of creation. A space beyond the current limitations. The more you use just these two questions, the more you will find life shifts to more ease.

    And one last thing, laugh. Some things are just ridiculous. You can get mad or you can laugh. Which is lighter? Which creates more ease? If you can’t laugh about it yet, what would make you laugh? Maybe some comedy or a funny show. Then think about the ridiculous situation and see if you can laugh then. Repeat the phrases above. The more you laugh the faster the hiccups disappear!

    So, if you’ve made it through this, let me know. Is this helpful? Do you have any hilarious situations you want to share or maybe gains some insight on so you can move beyond it?

    Kol Drake

    “The Greatest Teacher Failure is.” — Master Yoda

    Okay, a hiccup might not be a failure but it is a chance to take a moment and reflect on the who, what, where, why of how you got to this particular gas bubble moment.   And just for fun, I’ll add a video link that kind of covers the ‘hiccups’ Luke Skywalker ran in to as he went from whiney farm kid to Master Jedi to whiney old man to greatest Jedi ever.



    I love when movies can remind us of these lessons.

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