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    (I wrote this a while ago, but it might stir some discussion again)

    How do I view the Force?

    By Jax

    I have a fairly simplistic view of the Force.  The Force is everything that exists.  Everything.  It is, in its simplest form, energy.  We can tap into this limitless energy because we are not separate from the Force.  How can we be separate from something that encompasses everything?

    The Force does not have a will beyond that which we give it.  Some people will not like this idea, but that does not make it less true.  If the Force had a will, what stops it from exercising its will on the universe?  How could something happen that is against the will of the Force?  What does this mean to those people who have given themselves over to the will of the Force?  The Force is made up of everything that exists.  When you give yourself over to the will of the Force you have left yourself at the mercy of the predominant thought in the universe.  The most dominant thoughts will be those closest to you, which are yours.  You have in effect given yourself over to your will, but you have not realized it.  But, you have also given yourself over to the will of everyone else around you, which may be the exact opposite of your direction.  This can lead to great conflict and confusion in life.  Realizing the Force does not have a will however can clear this up.  Understanding that your life is created by you gives you power and freedom.  You choose your life, in every moment, so choose consciously and wisely.

    That having been said, we can still use the Force for guidance.  We use meditation and other techniques to tap into the vast amount of information present in the universe.  Some people see into the future, others the past.  Sometimes we just want to know answers to those universal questions of life.  We can simply ask, and often times find the answer presented to us, in many different ways.  Many of us have forgotten how to do this, though in time, with practice, anyone can learn. 

    I personally find the idea of the Force being there, but not interfering in my life, rather freeing.  I know that my life is my choice, and that whatever I choose is ok.  Because of this I try to choose consciously how I live my life, in all moments, rather than letting others choose for me.  I hope the same for everyone around me.  The Force will always be with you, and you will always be with the Force.  Enjoy exploring and experiencing it.

    Jedi Nitro

    Great article, it deffinately made me think.

    I’m not sure what I believed about whether the Force has a will or not, but your arguement does seem to have truth in it. I can understand your thought of freedom, because if you believe you control your life, it gives you control and power.



    For me, it’s an interesting assumption that a lot of people make, thinking that the Force has a will of its own.  Most of us come from a mythology that includes some sort of diety with it’s own will that it wishes us to follow, so we assume the Force is the same.  But my learning has brought me to the conclusion that the Force and God are the same – and neither have a will beyond wanting us to experience what we choose to experience.  No punishment, no judgement.  That’s very hard for people to believe.  They feel better somehow knowing that people are punished for actions they deem wrong.  Yet, viewing existence from a higher level of awareness, you see that nothing is wrong, and thus nothing requires punishment. 

    I don’t tend to go into this in too much detail, because I quickly find myself wanting to fall back into old beliefs that I don’t think are true.  But it’s still good to look at from time to time.

    Jedi Lawhead

    I believe that we all inherently have an animalistic side and a refined, for lack of a better term, good side. As you said the Force has no particular will, it is will, it is action, creation, activity, dynamic. This is not all there is, however, there is also divine mandate, the underlying Truth by which actions follow their course. Negative breeds negative, possitive breeds possitive. There is a right and wrong that exists beyondour ability to percieve and define it. :obiwan

    Kol Drake
    For me, it’s an interesting assumption that a lot of people make, thinking that the Force has a will of its own.  Most of us come from a mythology that includes some sort of diety with it’s own will that it wishes us to follow, so we assume the Force is the same.  But my learning has brought me to the conclusion that the Force and God are the same – and neither have a will beyond wanting us to experience what we choose to experience. 

    I believe the Force is of the Source but not THE Source (God // Goddess // whatever ).

    It is an aspect of the Whole.   It can be used as a tool for the Source to work It’s Will…. but does not necessarily “have a will of it’s own”.

    Katrin Wolfwalker

    Hey there,

    I’m not a Jedi yet, for I am still looking at the Jedi-academy and trying to find out if this is my path.

    I do beleave in ‘God’ as the collective of everything that is. There is nothing that is NOT part of ‘God’. For me ‘God’ created the world that is now, simply through braking ‘himself’ into tiny-tiny pieces. So that each piece of IT can experience the creation around it and by seeing how others live, the piece chooses how it wants to be.
    I am defining who and how I want to be/live. I might deside to be crying a lot (unhappy), or laughing a lot (optimistic).
    That I hate a person because she is so diferent in what she desides to be her truth. At the same time I could deside to love/like the same person for she is so different and I like her because of it. Because she shows me what I am not, I can deside what I AM.

    In my picture of how the world/life is, I can very good exchange my ‘God’ with Jax’ description of the Force.

    Yes, there is no “God want’s me to do this or that.” It’s my choice to say: “That’s what I want to be/do.” “No I don’t like how that feels…”
    Through experience I can step by step define who/what I am, and experience myself as part of All-That-Is.

    So on to bed now (12pm in my timezone)
    I hope to encourage further disscusion

    Katrin Wolfwalker

    Once you go  :wookie
                              you never go back

    (I always wanted to say that)


    Yes, that is the same way I view it.  How is it you came to these ideas?  I’m curious if our path has been similar.


    Hmmm…. I am not sure if what I believe is different from you guys, or if we explain it differently, so I will give it a go here.

    I believe in God. (The All, The Divine Source, The Alpha and Omega, The I Am Presence, the purple people eater, or whatever name you wish to give it.) I believe that the Force is the emanation of God. I believe that the Force has a Will, which is the Will of God, which is always life promoting. Now, this will seem like a paradox to some because bad things happen… But, it’s not so hard to understand. I believe that we all choose our lessons of life before we come down here, and those lessons can be seen as negative or positive, depending on our own perspective at the time, as well as our relative understanding of reality on this Earth Plane. All lessons are positive because they inspire growth…and are life promoting. The Will of the Force, to me, is always life promoting, always pushing us towards transcendence, always towards enlightenment of “all that is.” We retain that free will because that is part of our blueprint and the state of human condition. So, we can choose to follow that Will, or we can choose to follow our own will, but if it is not in promotion of life, or enlightenment, then it is not in accordance with the Will of the Force or of God.

    Ok, I’m rambling now. I’ll stop.

    Katrin Wolfwalker

    Hey there *wave*,

    You asked about my path, so I am sitting here (at my pc, about 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, ’cause I’m not sleepy yet) and write about my path, so far.

    * Sometime in my early teens, my father moved out and I started to read more and more, first only fantasy. Everything changed in that time (I’m not trying to get sympathies here, just trying to tell how broken that time was). My mother was (25 years older than me) always crying and I (maybe 12/13/14 of age) was comforting her, being a friend to her, for all a teenager wants to be is herself = not close and understanding/sympathizing to the mother.

    * I found a book than (or It found me, for I don’T believe in coincidence) “The secret knowledge of the Witches – 13 moons to mastery of natural magic”, at least thats what the title said in german. The book was originaly titled as “A Witch Alone”, nothing more.
    The book pulled at me, I read the back of the cover, it pulled more at me (Today I would say ‘It created resonnace in me’. I bought it, I don’t remeber if I bought it on the spot or later but it all started with that book. ‘It’ being my way into being spiritual interested.

    * I read it once, whole, without doing any of the exercises given, there are lot’s of other books for each chapter/moon/month listed as ‘homework to find more infos’. That’s the reason I started a frenzyful hunt for more to read on wicca and related stuff. Starhawk, Schiran, Green … I read a lot! In school I had already been one of the girls that have a book in front of their face nearly ALL the time (exapt class!) waiting for class, going from A to B, Breaks, always.

    * So I put my new book (13 moons…) In newspaper-sight-cover and had this in front of my face, nearly no one noticed.

    * Lot’s of reading followed. Than some breathing and visualisation exercises.  Than one ( ;) or more, drawing-a-circle-thingies. I did not DO a lot back than, but I learned a lot anyway, reading reading reading…

    * Years later, I believe it was 2001, my bestfriend, tells me about core-shamanism. I listen, I absorb, I get a basic ‘How to do a journey to find the instinctiv/animal part (How do you call ‘Krafttier’ in english??? power animal??? *hmpf*) in the world below (Underworld for simplicity’s sake).
    I do it once, twice, thrice without success. But something makes me keep going. After a while i can go down, but there is no one, NO ONE!  :'(
    So I go exploring, for a time that is enough…
    After being diagnosed with a ‘missed abortion’ I am in hospital to be operated, and go down and, do not find an animal companion but stabilation and hope.

    * I do a workshop a bit later, with above mentiond friend, about basic journey technics, I learned SO much in those 3 days, meet animal, go exploring in the middle world in the ‘In-between’ (I went between flame and candle wick, between leave and water (on which the leave floated)…..)

    * After that I started partitiapating in a drum circle, that formed out of the workshop paricipants. And I still am going there, nice little group.

    * Sometime inbetween starting drum circle and now I  (I can’t quite remeber how it came that way *strange*) went and got my first Reiki Initiation (how do you call that?). I worked a while (shorted than I would like) with that, after a year (nearly exactly *coincidence, yeah sure!*) in february I got my second Reiki Initiation .

    * That was now one and a half years ago (although it seems longer, maybe it was *hmm*) and now (early in Juli) I find myself here, where the above mentioned friend asked me to take a look into. And I find myself why “coincidense” has brought me here, where there are Jedi meeting in dreames, with wolves, like my ‘Krafttier’ is a wolf and “coincidense” is laughing to fall of a tree about how unconvetionally It got me here….

    * Oh I nearly forgot: the books ‘Conversation with God I’, ‘Friendship with God’ and ‘Home in God’ did inpire me to think about what I call my truth and made me reedit mentioned truth for the ‘better’ (read: truer), I think.

    Oh, when the hour is late my texts are long, huh?
    Anyway, that was only the spiritual part of my way, so: fit in a (not so) ordinary everyday life and you get my past path…

    Thanks for reading (and bear) my late-hour-writing-frenzy …. *g*

    Katrin Wolfwalker,
    Katrin, who walks with a wolf in her heart…

    (It is now nearly 2 A.M.! *argh*)

    PS Um… I think our ‘things’ we mean  with our wolvesare different, but I think the whole coincidence thing got across…


    Thank you for sharing that.  I was curious if you head read any of the conversations with god stuff because you used language that I hadn’t heard until reading it.  But you never know if there are other sources. 

    It’s also nice to see another wolf around.  Lol you’ll find a few here ;-)

    At the Jedi Resource Center, someone else from Germany recently joined.  You may want to head over to that site and introduce yourself.  I know it can be nice to have other people to talk to in your native language.  :-)  The address is http://www.jediresourcecenter.org/smf/index.php?action=forum

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