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    You’re talking equivalence exams there Asta, and we would like to be able to do them, but we just don’t have the staff to write and test these properly at this stage.

    Welcome to life at the coalface lol.


    Sorry for not make my self more clear about what I meant with writing a test or essay.
    As Xhaiden said, and it’s much the same as I think about test, test are like a snapshot of a moment and are not able to say something about the real development of the student.
    So, but what did I mean with writing a test?
    I meant, that, if a student thinks he knows enough about a topic, he should be allowed to view the course schedule/program to really know what this course is about. Then, if he still thinks he can cover the material of the course with his knowledge, he should then write an essay about his understanding of the content of this course. This essay he then hand in by the teacher of this course. Then it’s up to the teacher to decide if this is what is needed to pass or not or talk with the student about some points to clarify them in more depth.
    So, in this way there is no need of writing extra test for accreditation but still gave the students the possibility to shorten there study time. In this way it’s like the studying on your own.

    Beral Khan

    If I may offer my thoughts…

    I read through the posts in this thread and wondered myself about “testing out.”  As I have, within the classes, said before:  I do not agree with a “testing out” for a Jedi Student.
    Here are my reasons:
    1.  Simply being able to answer questions doesn’t mean you understand the meaning behind them.
        By walking the path THROUGH the course you experience so much more than just information.  The interaction with the Instructor helps you understand the philosophy behind the course AS IT IS OFFERED HERE.
    2.  To not take the course is to deny your knowledge and experience from those who are also taking the course. A “Subject Matter Expert” as we called them in the Army is almost always nice to have within your class.  While they are learning the Academy’s way of teaching and thoughts behind it (thus allowing the a better take on teaching it in the future), the SME can also help explain things to other students in different ways from the Instructor.

    These are truly very good reasons why Praxeum should be used ever so sparingly… indeed, if at all.

    However, this is merely my thoughts on the matter, and I do not wish to seem out of place.  How things are ran at this time is working and I am enjoying my time very much here.  In any way I may be of service (sweeping the floors, cleaning the loo) just let me know.

    Most Sincerely,

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)

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