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    Jedi Nitro

    Good points are being made, and it made me think. Would the Academy work if instead of having focused courses (e.g on meditation, Force, Creed, Comm) we could re-create them in order of what a student should take. These courses would include a little of everything, for instance the first would include history of the Jedi, what a Jedi Realist is, basics on meditation, what the Force is and how to sense it etc

    Just a thought.


    I’m not sure Nitro.  It’s something we can definitely discuss.  It might be easier to design courses that work together instead.  For instance, a student has to take meditation and force at the same time.  Or, a logic and intuition course at the same time.  The courses would be designed to be done at the same time, so they would be interrelated. 

    I know my biggest complaint of school is that nothing is related, and you’re left trying to figure out how this math concept applies to physics.  It’s not an easy task.  Though I’m sure it’s not an easy task for the people developing courses either!  But, it’s something that we can work towards I’m sure. As we get these different ideas, and expand upon them, I bet it will be easier to see how things can work together. 


    I think jedi should learn …:
    about ourselves, others, the world around us, the force, being jedi in the real world,
    explore opportunities to help and serve others and do them …


    I see things being done in the style of a spiral curriculum.  You teach things at a very basic level, like what was being discussed earlier.  Then the next year you hit those same topics but go more in depth.  The next year you loop back around and build even more on the foundation by going even more in depth.  Now, how far in depth you want to go is a choice of the individual school.  You are always reinforcing the foundation, but also adding to it.  A very traditional spiral curriculum setup.


    It’s one option.  There needs to be some level of knowledge that is required to reach, and probably another level for people particularly interested in a subject.

    I wonder, is there another way to do it than the way we’ve been discussing?


    A Jedi should learn at their own pace and they should learn everything they can. Combatives(Armed and Unarmed Combat), History, Ethics, Universe, Science and Tech, Folklore, anything they can.

    Silver Talon

    It really seems that there are many different ideas of what a Jedi should be, know and do. No wonder there are so many different groups of Jedi out there.

    My personal opinion is that a Jedi should be trained to be:

    Self Aware
    If they aren’t already, they need to work out for themselves who they are and what they want out of life. They need to establish this firmly so that they can move forward with discipline and dedication.

    An understanding that a person is connected to something greater is essential because that leads towards the development of things such as ethics, morality, service and responsibility for one’s actions.

    One of the ways that a Jedi Knight or Master (If you use ranking systems) impacts the world is by training others to be Jedi. Knowing how to be an effective leader is necessary in order to motivate students and keep the group stable. It is also required for self development because the first person that a leader must lead is themselves. Leadership skills include ethics, service, influence, communication, conflict resolution, planning/visioning and teamwork.

    The Jedi are a warrior culture and I believe that it is somewhat important to retain that culture. Training in the martial arts or military arts, properly taught, will put a person in a different mindset. When we think of the groups that the Jedi are modeled after – Samurai, Shaolin Monks, Medieval Knights – we realize that there is a commonality that put them a step above the rest of society; their close association with death. It is only through realizing that death is at an arms length away that we strip away the things that are insignificant in our lives and truly live with personal power. I believe Dale Carnagie provided this insight when it came to dealing with personal fears: If you are afraid of something, think of the worst possible scenario. If you’re afraid of flying; think that it might crash. Expect it to crash and prepare for it. Because you are expecting the worse you’ll have a better time because you’ve given yourself over to dying and the little bumps and shakes that the plane makes will be insignificant. In comparison with that, how insignificant is it to give a public speach? Why do we tear ourselves up and give ourselves ulcers over things like talking in front of groups – for fear of embarassment? How trivial! The warrior lives as if each day could be the last. So priorities are set in place and the big things taken care of immediately. Life is more rich, more full. That type of living is what being a Jedi is about.


    I think it’s important that, at minimum, a Jedi know how to defend themselves effectively.  However, that isn’t something that we can teach online.  So, students will have to find a martial arts instructor offline. 

    I disagree, however, that it is good to expect the worst.  What we focus on and put emotional intent behind, we create.  So expecting the worst, and building that fear will only increase the chance that the worst happen.  It is possible to look at the worst case without emotion, however, and that is the ideal way to prepare.  But you must remove that emotional element.  And that is something that will be taught here at the academy. 


    I always think of it as ‘Prepare for the worst and hope for the best’. I find that works for me and doesn’t tend to manifest particularly negative outcomes, rather it helps me identify and squelch (if possible) undesirable outcomes before they get too far along.


    The key is how you focus on something.  If you are focusing on the worst case scenario, and then feeling all of that fear, you are bringing that future closer to you.  But if you can look at it in a more detached manner, and not get emotional about it, then that’s perfectly fine and won’t bring that possibility closer to you.  The key is the how.  :-)

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