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    What are your holiday plans this year? 

    My wife and I are loading up the car with presents and our cats and driving home to Indiana and Wisconsin.  Our goal is to spend time with family and see a few friends that we’ve missed.  I’m also working in a little Jedi fellowship.  Friday we’re staying at Icarus’s house since we don’t get to see them often and they’re conveniently about 4 hours into our route, leaving only 12-14 hours to Indiana on saturday.  On Monday we’re driving to Wisconsin and plan to stop for lunch in Chicago with Angelus who we haven’t seen since the gathering of 2007.  By the way Angelus, Carrie said the only reason to stop and eat in Chicago is to get hot dogs or pizza lol

    We’ll be in Wisconsin for about a week.  My dad was able to get tickets to the Packer game on the 27th from my uncle so I’ll be doing my best to stay warm!  On the 22nd we’re getting together at my Aunt’s to make a bunch of candy and cookies, probably more than we can eat in a year!  It’s a tradition that has happened occasionally and I requested we do when we’re up there.  Our other big activity is making a big Christmas Even dinner for my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew, as well as my grandma.  We’re trying to make it a new tradition since the big family gatherings are after Christmas.  We also will try to drive to Western Wisconsin to see our godson who we haven’t seen in 3 years. 

    Back in Indiana around the 29th we also have friends to see.  My wife’s birthday is the 3rd so we’ll have some sort of celebration, though we need to leave on the 3rd to get back on the 4th.  It’s going to be 2 1/2 weeks back in the cold but with family and friends.  We’ll have the cats with us because it’s too expensive to board them and we don’t have anyone who can stop by twice a day to give the cat his insulin.  It’ll be an adventure! 

    And yes, I will have internet though I’m not sure how much time I’ll have online.  I will check in with the site and with a few student blogs but can’t guarantee much participation obviously.  So, what is everyone else doing for their holidays?


    That sounds like a lot of fun!  We’re staying in town(as of now) for my winter break, but I’m having Angelus come and visit the East Coast which is so much more exciting ;D

    Uhhhh thats it



    you never told me that, when?

    Staying home is nice too – but when you don’t live near “home” then it’s more fun to leave and visit all the loved ones.


    Beginning of January! Oh we can have a mini-Jedi gathering hahahahah jk jk

    And yes it is nice to stay at home, especially when I have so many Jedi work plans..but alas I have one last final to study for…en garde!


    Actually, you could have a mini-gathering for a day and have lots of fun!


    Looks like Christmas will be coming early as I get to have lunch with Jax. It has been forever since we’ve seen each other. It’s certainly a great way to start off the festivities. (I do love living in a major city as it makes it very convenient to visit with Jedi on their travels. Plus, Chicago has some of the best food ever.)

    Every Christmas Eve all my brothers and sisters spend the night at my parents’ home. We usually bring our spouses, significant others, children, (sometimes even pets) and stay for one night under one roof – just like old times. I know this alone is the greatest gift we can give to our parents. Then on Christmas morning, we have our cup of coffee and open up all the presents.

    A few days later, my Chicago chapter of Jedi will coming together for our own Holiday Party. There is sure to be much laughter and frivolity. This is also the one time of the year we work up the courage to see the infamous “Star Wars Holiday Special” and then quickly forget we ever saw it after we are done. (If you haven’t seen it, when you do, you will understand why)

    Of course there’s the typical toasting in of the New Year with more friends. Last year we kept cracking up at the Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin show. Then New Year’s Day I go to Greek Town with my Tribe for a dinner together.

    Now comes January. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually taking a vacation. I’ll be traveling to Washington D.C. I’ll be taking in all the sites and visiting many monuments, museums, etc. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. I’ll also be able to meet up with Jedi who live in that general area (Phoenix and Moonshadow).


    My ‘holidays’ started today, when school finished for the summer school holidays at 1pm.

    I do not have any ‘big’ plans for this holiday period. My husband has holidays from the 24th to the 5th January (the Uni is shut down over this period) and we are actually planning to do more DIY work over this period, hopefully getting the tiling completed in the kitchen. We will be having a quiet Christmas with no family bar ourselves and perhaps some friends up later in the day, I am still cooking a wee turkey roast and have a pudding in the pantry. We may also take a little day trip down through the Catlins to Invercargill before New Years and meet up with some of my kendo mates.

    Early in January my sister in law and her partner are coming for a visit, we will have a little and late ‘Xmas’ then with them. Somewhere in there is my 34th birthday and we are also spending a weekend with them in central Otago (staying at Cromwell) and will do a little more exploring of NZ.

    Other things I will be doing is some revision in preparation for Uni starting in March, getting together the recommended reference materials etc, also preparation for the kids going back to school in February and if I am lucky I might also have a job sometime around then…I put in an application today that may or may not bear fruit. Additionally, I have the goal of being well stocked up with wood before the start of March (wood is on special through summer) because I want to spend the cold days studying or working, not schlepping firewood.

    I will also be practicing my kendo and starting to teach Owen, when his new shinai arrives, anyway. So I will be busy, as usual (oh yes I forgot the garden) but principally at home, also as usual.

    Beral Khan

    I, too, for the first time in a very long time will be taking vacation time. My wife and I have saved enough to take the last week of the year off. As the last two children in our home will be 18 in the next 12 months, we look forward to spending this week with our ‘children’ one final time. 

    While the future will bring us all together in times like these, we will no longer be responsible for them as our ‘children’ and our worlds will have changed, even if only slightly.

    I do hope they will come each christmas eve and spend one evening together as a family each year as well.

    Happy Holidays to all of you.

    Kol Drake

    Very small.
    Spent the last six months caring for a son who tried to kill himself.
    Monday, his little sister gets married in ‘an eclectic pagan’ ceremony…. much to the chagrin of her Presbyterian minster mother.

    Ah Life in it’s infinite diversity.
    May all have a serene and safe holiday season and the Force be with you all.


    Just got back from Disney (FL)…had lots of fun. I’m going to read the christmas story to my sunday school kids tomorrow morning, make a leather wrist band, and give out some small gifts as well (the parents are going to love me so much for giving out candy, lol). Then on Monday I’m going out shopping (again) with my sister and mom to get some more beads to finish the necklace and earing sets I’m making for my mom, grandma, and great grandma. I need to finish making all the jewelry for x-mas gifts and then wrap all the presents and put them under the tree. I’ll go to the christmas eve candle light service here on base and then open one present (PJs as always :) gotta love tradition). I’m also cat sitting this week so I’ll finish that up on Sat. and take off for AL on Sunday morning. Spend a few days with my grandparents and go to my great grandma’s B-day Party and I believe we will be back in GA by the first week of Jan. Somewhere along the way I will find time to figure out which major I want to switch to, tell my parents, figure out what classes I need to take for that major and try and find some at St. Leo that I can take. I’ll also start the application process for a few schools I’m looking to transfer to and pray that I get into FCC and that my parents will let me go there.

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