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    Hints and Guidelines for New Members

    1. Don’t be afraid to jump into discussions

        a. Many of the people here have known each other for a while.  That can make it appear as if there are cliques here.  There are not, it’s just a function of knowing each other for a while.  We welcome and encourage you to join in so we can get to know each other.  

    2. Ask questions

        a. In the beginning of your path, you’ll have a lot of questions.  Many can be very simple, while others are of such a large scale you don’t know where to begin in asking them.  That’s ok.  Take the time to come up with questions, do your best to speak clearly, and see what responses you get.  

        b. There are some questions that get asked often.  It’s recommended that you take a little time reading some older posts to see what others have asked and if it answers your question.  Often that will result in new questions that you can ask, which is pretty handy in my opinion!

    3. Ask for clarification when you aren’t sure

        a. While everyone does their best to be clear, that doesn’t mean messages are received clearly.  If you aren’t sure what someone meant when they posted, ask for clarification.  You won’t look stupid, instead you’ll show that you are serious about this path and your training.  

    4. Be courteous

        a. Detailed rules of conduct are below, but the most important rules to remember are these:

             i. Treat everyone with the courtesy and respect you wish to be treated with.  We work hard to create a safe and supportive learning environment here.  There are times when we falter a bit, but our goal doesn’t change.  

             ii. Don’t take things personally.  The online medium is particularly tricky in that we are only left with words and not the body language that goes along with them.  This makes it very easy to misunderstand someone and feel as if you are being attacked or insulted.  I can safely say, at least at this website, 99.999% of the time this is not the case.  If you feel yourself getting upset, take some time to step back and breathe.  If you aren’t sure what the person meant, ask for clarification.  You are also welcome to contact someone privately to address your concerns, including contacting me.  

    5. Formal Guidelines (Last updated 11 April 2012)

    The Institute for Jedi Realist Studies is dedicated to maintaining a level of comfort and security for its members. Therefore, we have developed a Sitewide Policy containing a set of guidelines that all individuals who participate on our forums or chat rooms are required to adhere to. These guidelines are as follows:

    1. No ranks shall be used unless granted by this site or one of its affiliates. If one does carry a rank from an unaffiliated site or organization, then it will be evaluated on a case by case basis. This is to avoid confusion with the rank system in development.

    2. Plagiarism is not allowed. To understand what constitutes plagiarism, please review the post on plagiarism here.

    3. No private conversations, discussions, or personal information will be shared publicly without the permission of all involved. This includes chat transcripts, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

    4. All members, visitors and staff shall be treated with courtesy and respect. If you cannot get along, we would ask that all disputes be settled privately, so as not to disturb the positive or otherwise neutral atmosphere of the forums.

    Any material presenting a serious concern of disruption, abuse, insult, vulgarity, discrimination, prejudice, harassment, obscenity, profanity, threatening behavior, invasion of one’s privacy, violation of law, or a containment of references not deemed suitable for the general public may be removed or edited at the discretion of the faculty, while responsible individuals will be dealt with according to our Transgression policy.

    All of your posts have to be suitable for reading by those of the age of 13, in order to allow us to maintain an area appropriate for people of all ages. Innuendo is fine, but direct references to anything of an inappropriate nature are not acceptable.

    Transgression Policy
    Upon violation of the guidelines the following procedures will be taken in order to keep the Academy atmosphere functional for all members.

    1- A designated Staff Member will contact all parties involved on behalf of the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies. They will do this in a private manner, and request politely that the current transgression be stopped.

    2- Should any parties involved fail to keep public civility and continue to break the guidelines, than a public involvement will take place by the Staff Members, resulting not only in public intervention, but also the possibility of editing of posts and in extreme cases removal of posts.

    3- Should any parties continue to act against the site and it’s guidelines, they will be officially warned, both privately and publicly of being banned from the Institute Community all together, for a set period of time which will be decided on a case by case basis.

    4- Should any parties continue to ignore the guidelines of the Institute, they will then be banned from all Institute sites for the time determined in step 3, and upon reinstatement will be monitored by a Staff Member.

    5- At any time should the person repeat their transgressions, they automatically begin the process from Step 3.


    I would like to remind all of our members that disputes should be handled privately so that the normal educational purpose of the board is not disrupted by ongoing disagreements. To facilitate this, please note that at the bottom of each message, on the far right, is a “Report to moderator” button. If you feel that a post is innapropriate for this board or violates the above behavioral guidelines, please click that button on the post in question and you will be given a form where you can specify how you feel the post has violated the guidelines.

    Please note that posting the dispute publicly is, in itself, a violation of the guidelines.


    The guidelines have been updated to clarify policies and consequences for violating said policies. If you have any questions, ask.

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