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    Jedi Mind

    My name is Jedi Mind. I am an active Jedi on the Sancturary website. I’ve been a member for about 5 months now and I believe that I can speak with the other Jedi and say that there is nothing wrong about our site. I have never seen a message with any sort of profanity or derogatory words of any kind. I am 17 years old, and as a “kid” (like you seem to put it), I have never felt offended by any of the comments made by the Jedi or Sith on the website. I hope that we can come to an understanding about this site which many of us have grown to love.  :yoda

    May the force be with you always

    -Jedi Mind


    I read a bit of the first page. I don’t like the fact that the site casts out the “grey” or dark side of the force. It is all still the same force. Nothing is completely “good”. There is an old saying. A witch that doesn’t know how to curse, can’t learn how to heal.

    Jedi Lawhead
    I read a bit of the first page. I don’t like the fact that the site casts out the “grey” or dark side of the force. It is all still the same force. Nothing is completely “good”. There is an old saying. A witch that doesn’t know how to curse, can’t learn how to heal.

    while the teachings found at the Jedi Sanctuary are Light centered there are both grey and dark Jedi among us, even sith from time to time are welcomed to join our discussion, provided they can remain respectful. I guess one should apply in this case the age old saying “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”. I sincerely hope that you will dig deeper into the sanctuary and perhaps from it gleen more than a bad taste.


    I guess there is one thing I should clarify.  The inappropriateness did not happen in the forums but in the chat room and private messages/instant messages with a few people.  That’s why I said it’s with a few individuals, not the whole site.

    That is also why I said to be careful, not saying no one should go there.  It’s not a ban, it’s just a heads up to not assume you can trust everyone.  That is true everywhere you go in life, and is what we’ll be addressing with the upcoming online safety guidelines. 


    Jax – I must say I am surprised to hear this…though I think they did have trouble some months ago.

    I was recently stalked and flamed there, and Jedi Seven and Jedi Sanctuary handled it in the most urgent and supportive manner.  I was overwhelmed with their forthright reaction.  I could forward you the links and also the PM’s…  In my case it was a stalker and flamer from another site, she flamed me in chat and to the admins of Jedi Sanctuary.  It was more personal to me and also to promote this person’s “new virtual Jedi”.

    The response was…handled professionally, with sensitivity, and that was that!  (YOu would approve I know.)

    Jedi Sanctuary has become more active in the last few months, and also changed a great deal.

    But then, you may have been told something we all know nothing about. 

    I can only speak from my experience there this very week.

    Jax is a very busy and very active leader among the Jedi sites.  I will speak for her…she wants no drama, and has little tolerance for it.  But she also will not allow wrong people to continue to do wrong unchecked.  (It sounds like perhaps something/someone was not handled quickly….but I am only surmising.  Allowing for bad behavior due to hoping it will go away, is a problem at many sites.)

    However…Jedi Sanctuary has undergone much change in just the last couple of weeks.  Perhaps it deserves another look?

    Much respect to you all…and especially Jax.  You are allowing a discussion, and not scolding others or telling them they are not good Jedi for mentioning it.  THAT does happen on other sites. 

    -Asta Sophi


    If it has been taken care of, then that’s great.  Like I said, it was only mentioned so people exercised caution.  I trust Asta if she says things have been handled appropriately.

    This was never an attack on the site, so people can feel free to attend.  Once we get the online safety recommendations up, people will be even more prepared when traveling around the web.  For now, if you end up running into someone who makes you uncomfortable or you feel is behaving inappropriately, don’t engage them and tell someone trustworthy.  Then it shouldn’t be a big problem meeting new groups online.


    Its not that i doubt you Jax, but i am constant contact with the admins of the site there and they haven’t heard anything about it, even through their extensive chat control technology.  I think anyone with “true” accusations owe it to Jedi7 and Jedi Kidohdin to send them a message so that if that accusations are true that action can be taken.

    Until it is brought to the appropriate authorities i will assume it is untrue.

    with peace,

    Jedi Velarius


    I may have been confused, as I thought the people flaming were actually members of Jedi Sanctuary, rather than flaming at the sanctuary.  Since I don’t visit any of these other sites due to time issues, it can be easy to confuse a detail like that.  But, since it’s worked out, then everything is cool. 


    Ah!  I was wondering…  Let me update what has been happening around the Jedi Community. 

    A group of what has been termed “Jediist fundamentalists” by those who have been “visited” have been trying to recruit around the Jedi community.  They try to interest either members or even Admins by claiming they are “the true way”. 

    This group is starting what is called “a virtual temple”.  I have heard from various members that they have been contacted with flaming towards a specific site, or certain individuals (at Jedi Sanctuary it was me) who are working as “dark agents to corrupt a site and the heirarchy of Jedi”. 

    ***These people are very into High Councils, Ranks, and every other kind of distinction.  They often call themselves “Br. so and so” or “Str. so and so” and also say they are the true ministers of the Force.

    Mine was not an isolated incident.  I suspect you’ve heard about this group…?  If not I will give you a website where this originates. 

    They would be unnoticed but for these recruiting techniques.  Likewise they would be tolerated.  But by now they feel “persecuted” because so many, like myself, have told them they are not acting as the is expected within the Jedi Community.  Any who speak against them are apparently listed as enemies. 

    Very sad…  They have some very young followers, although, many are quickly fleeing this group.  But they also are contacting the media hoping to be the official voice of the Jedi Community.  They made an interview for a podcast with one rather well-known Texan station…  But their leader was a no-show at the interview…

    It is something we should all be prepared to experience within the Jedi Community I fear.
    However, Jedi Sanctuary and their reaction may have cooled their heels a bit.  It was a strong but gentle response, where none could doubt their brand of “religion” was not considered appropriate for a jedi.

    I would prefer to have tolerance, and would not want to instigate anything within the site.  It is with their methods of stalking, flaming and recruiting that they will present themselves. 

    All should be made aware…some members, especially younger members, seem to be their target.

    -Asta Sophi

    Magdelene Nashira

    Well, I’ve been a member of the Jedi Sanctuary site for a couple of months now, and so far is a good site.  No problems.  As far as things that can happen at sites, I think it important to note that any time you are on the internet you are dealing with people you really have no way of knowing, and you should be cautious about all of these sites.  I’ve heard of things happening on more than one site and even this one but the thing is administrations cannot control everything every member of every board does.  They aren’t all knowing no matter how strong their Jedi abilities may be.  I would advise to never give your real name, address, phone number, etc, to anyone at these sites unless you have a strong big brother or a back up plan of some sort.  Now that’s talking about the case of internet predators or those who may be really dangerous.  I think from hints and glances I’ve seen in different places is that the other thing that happens is that sometimes there is competitiion between sites and rumors start, etc.  So keep that in mind when you hear people talking.  I think most of it is just monkey business from those who are pranksters yet not really dangerous, but caution on the internet is usually the best.  Then sometimes it’s just personality conflicts.  Jedi are people too.  It happens.

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