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    Many of you might remember me, many of you might not. I used to mess around at the FA for a while, was also a member of THEJEDi and took courses there, studied under two different Masters, caused a lot of trouble… It’s been a long way since around 2002, and a good one.

    Ahem, anyway, here i am now. I like the size of this forum, quite a bit tired of the giant community as the FA used to be – now that the SW movies are over, we hopefully won’t get a wave of new wannabes each time Lucas pops out another prequel ;)

    Anyway, it’s been a good time as i said.. Going from Independent to Light to Dark and back toward Independence. Smetimes one has to see the extremes to set a definition of the range, and how things are. I am looking forward to stimulationg disccussion, and meeting more folks on here.


    Welcome, glad you made it over here.  :-)


    Heya Decs  :)


    sup Decsy, always good to see a fellow troublemaker


    Hey, nice to see you again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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