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    Hey everyone !

    My name is Kamil i currently live in France. I joined the institute and embraced the Jedi way hoping I would get a framework. Basically I made a lot of mistakes by the past (nothing big but quite impacting on a personal point of view). I already tried to embrace philosophies that were supposed to make me a better person but got quite deceiving (Buddhism reunions in which they were suggesting to people to stop a treatment for cancer to buy a 5000€ juice extractor) or more recently that COVID is fake and that faith can save you.

    My background on this point is the zetetic method which I still believe in. I’m not a hysterical guy that will confront your opinions against the septic method but still this is what made me realize what was going wrong in my life (when other other way of thinking would push you to just spend nights debating without concrete action further besides selling tulips for cancer research and absolutely nothing more).

    Jediism is – for me – a philosophy that i think is clean and actually implies action in the real world. I mean if I got it right we’re talking about an equilibrium between the mind and the body and what surrounds you. This made me do sport, registering back into a martial art (Kudo), stop all drugs and alcohol and get back control on what’s around me. By small changes I made a u-turn and changed the way things were going for me drastically.

    My english isn’t perfect and a lot of time I think I said things that people didn’t interpreted the right way (it was pointed out to me on the fb group Jedi Church (The Original)). However I stand my ground and won’t adopt a religion. I love the philosophy and the maxims/principles that it brings but not start beleiving. Having a muslim background I’m afraid I have automatic defense mechanisms for that. However I try to embrace it and go by the way of the Jedi.

    Thanks for accepting me in the group ! 🙂

    Kol Drake

    Welcome and <span lang=”fr”>bienvenu</span>


    ‘Not being a religion’ is one of the reasons why I like the IJRS.  We try to teach how one should ‘make the changes within’ which will echo to changes around you.  Seeking a balance in mind, body, spirit — and finding a solid core/center you can always work from.   The world might become pure chaos but a JEDI should be the calm at the eye of the storm.   We present you directions and basics… which you can build upon as you grow.


    Being a very open teaching environment, it is up to you as to how intense / deep you wish to delve into the many aspects of being a Jedi in the real world.

    Thoughtful discussion is ALWAYS welcome.


    I hope we can get your pointed in the best direction for you.



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