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    My name is Filip (thunderox is the username, you can also call me Thunder).

    In this period of 18 years of my life, even though I am still young, I followed certain way of life, which later I found to be quite resonating with Jedi code.

    I am a Star Wars fan my whole life and finding that ‘Jediism’ exists was, I have to admit, funny at first but after I did some reading & research, I found that that is exactly what I was thinking & following through my life!

    I was always a fighter for the good – helping others, helping nature, even helping those who at some point, caused me harm (not something I am entirely proud of, but I didn’t stray off my path).

    As much as I like helping others, I also strive to help myself, enrich myself with knowledge & wisdom and maintain a healthy life (which is honestly quite hard to do during this Coronavirus/quarantine period).

    I think this Institute could be a place where I could really study the ways of the Jedi, understand what it takes and really just keep trying to improve spirits of others & mine too, during this time of distress.


    Much love to all,

    -Filip 🙂

    Kol Drake

    Welcome young Seeker.

    I hope the IJRS can be a ‘good match’ for what you are looking for.

    Make certain you get yourself set up with permissions to the courses and we can dive in.

    Welcome aboard!



    Thank you very much!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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