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    Hey all. 

    My name is Andy.  I am new to this site, I am not new to the jedi path.  I have been a jedi for 9 years.  Many here know me from other sites or past gatherings.  I lead the kentucky jedi chapter at the JRC.

    I am an art teacher by profession.  I also work professionally as an artist, though not as much since i began teaching. 

    I am a captain and safety officer on four rivers k9 search and rescue team.  http://fourriversk9team.org/default.aspx

    I am a free scholar of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, or ARMA.  http://www.thearma.org/

    Eagle Scout. Reiki attuned to level 2.  I am also an ordained minister and have actually used it to preform real weddings. 

    I come to the metaphorical doors of this academy to further my growth. I feel that my philosophical training has come to a standstill in the recent couple of years.  I am very active in the physical world.  I feel that i am leaving my theory by the wayside.  So here i am, applying for classes. 

    So uh yea. Hey.

    Kol Drake

                    and happiest of New Years !

    Teacher, preacher, scholar and protector of those seeking aid… sounds like you have been putting Jedi principles into practice in your life already.     

    Hope the Academy (and those attending) can share and grow along with you. 
    Again, welcome.


    Welcome and look forward to learning along side you ;D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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