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    Hello to all of you!

    So after some years I found my way back here. My name is Yeelan and I am from Germany.
    Much happened since that time I left, but well – everything comes in cycles. ;) I had to make many experiences with other spiritual ways, but then I realised that the path of the jedi it is for me (if I didn’t know this as a kid :rofl )

    I want to start over and like to make some courses in the future – let´s see what happens. 😆


    Welcome Yeelan! :welcome


    Welcome back. Many people stop by for a short time, leave and then return later when they are ready to train. :-)


    Yes, I guess that’s what happened to me. ;)

    Kol Drake

    Welcome back.

    We grow; we change; we gain experience and then work at putting it into some kind of ‘sense’. Hope you can find old and new things that help make sense of your journey.


    Hey Yeelan,
    although I can’t say that I would recognise your name, I’m happy to see another “German” face here, although I’m not German but Austrian, but I do live in Germany now already for quite a while.
    So, nice to see You on board again and hope to read from You in one of the classes or in any other thread.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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