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    Thanks to everyone’s efforts I received almost $20 this month which offset most of the cost of hosting the site for the month.  Thank you for helping!


    Just for curiosity, I did the last two orders via the link here, could you, Master Jax, notice that you got anything for them?
    The last order I did was just this weekend.


    The payment was from things bought in November and December – if even December.  There’s a delay.  And they don’t show up until they are shipped.  however, things do eventually show up.  I wouldn’t worry, even if it takes a few months to earn the $10 minimum required before they pay out, they do pay out. 

    Of course, if anyone wants to donate directly to the Institute that is always welcome, but I don’t worry about it until we have a big pill to pay, like renewing our web address or something similar.  I like the amazon method, even if it doesn’t pay much because it’s a bonus from what you would already buy. :-)

    And in case anyone is a little paranoid, I only see what is bought, I don’t see who is buying things.  So I honestly have no idea what items went where. 

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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