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    lol It’s been real quiet lately. How’s everyone doing? Hanging in there?  I don’t know about you, but my sense of time is still completely out of whack.  I feel like every day is a scramble to just get the basics done. I’ll do my best to be productive this week while I don’t have much to do at work though. 

    But I do miss hearing from everyone.  So chime in when  you stop by. :-)


    things have been real screwy with me as well, some days are crawling by, even though I’m extremely busy, getting more done then I thought, but then other days just scream by and it feels like I did nothing. My energy levels have been real screwy as well, high energy on minute, only to feel completely worn down the next, and then suddenly my energy seems normal again. its been a real hit and miss.


    Sometimes it helps me to think of it as a big roller coaster – you know, the fun kind that you get on for the thrill of it. lol Life is one big roller coaster thrill ride at the moment.  I too see some positive changes, but then I see my whole day go by and I can’t tell you what I did! lol  Pure insanity. Perhaps the mantra for this time is “just keep swimming” :-) 

    One-Winged Angel
    Sometimes it helps me to think of it as a big roller coaster

    You’re not far from the mark. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my early teens, and have never opted-in to receive treatment, instead choosing to utilize meditative methods and “keeping myself busy” as a form of “treatment”.

    The winter months, for me, are extremely difficult to get through; I go from “up” to “down” in a matter of a few hours, and then back again. It can make being productive a little difficult.

    My sleep patterns have been screwed for the past couple of weeks; keeping track of the events unfolding in Egypt (which is 9 hours ahead of me) has made for many a long night, and the efforts I’m making to help the Egyptian People, even if from a distance, have taken a lot out of me – emotionally & physically speaking.


    It seems to, that these days are not so bad for me than for you!?
    I feel fine and quite balanced most of the time. The only thing is, that it seems to me that there is always to less time for the things I want to do.
    As some of you might know, my girlfriend split up from me roughly one year ago. But now I got into contact with a new girl or better said woman and it feels “right”. So I’m happy in these days.
    But all my things keep my busy all day long and trough out the week. Lucky wise I can use some time at work – lunchtime and the late afternoon – to stop by and read and post here in the forum.
    Hope for the rest of you it will become better soon! At least I could send some energy in your direction if you would like!?  :meditate

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