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    R Temi

    Hello everyone ! I come seeking wisdom and have some to share . How do I describe me ? A natural Mystic . At an early age I Just knew things . At about 6 years old I decided I needed 3 disciplines . 1 for body (dance) 2 for mind (philosophy and comparative religious studies) 3 for Heart ( altruism and emotional processing otherwise known as the arts  ) . I do not act though . The other arts I do well . I have taught workshops for energy work . I learned much from local shaman here in the northwest . I know enough holistic healing the some of my friend have taken to calling me “Doctor ” . I love science and have a strong sense of curiosity . I read a lot of research . My son describes me as a nice person . I try to follow Burner principles . You should all check out Burning Man because there are hundreds of Jedi lookin’ dudes that participate there . As well as the best healers and shaman on the planet . The thing
    i do best ,

    I would say , is helping people understand their dreams and visions . Oh yes , I am 42 and female . How many people use this sight ? How do you have classes ? This is my first computer and I may just have revealed how little I know about this medium.


    Hello Temi R –

    You are doing just fine with posting!  I’m sure Jax will be on to explain about classes – and I hope to read more of your posts and insights into the esoteric.

    I’m just beginning to learn of it.

    – Asta Sophi


    well first off  :welcome

    I hope you enjoy it here.  And don’t worry, ask any questions you have!!!!

    As far as classes go:
    We just re-opened back up here in January; however we are running a few terms this year.  As far as specific information, I’ll direct you to our “front page” if you haven’t been there already.  There are a few tabs there and if you want to scroll through the information, that will provide a little more information about the Academy and how we run!!!! http://instituteforjedirealiststudies.org/Institute/

    Anyways, we are actually about finished with our first term this year, and I’m not 100% sure when the next term will start!
    Basically we take classes in a College type fashion.  You can take up to three classes a term, with each week having a lecture and an assignment, and as you start to complete these classes then we move into ranks.  We have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced(I think). 

    The classes are excellent in my opinion because they are very active and try to appeal to everyday life, helping us to apply our knowledge from a Realist perspective.

    Until then, please continue with discussions and I look forward to learning more as well :meditate

    I’m sure Jax will clear up anything else!

    Magdelene Nashira

    Welcome R. Temi,

    I’m a woman and 44 (I believe).  Anyway, it’s nice to see another person here my age.  There’s typically more younger people around, but there’s a few of us too.  But I’m always glad to see more people my age join.  :welcome


    First, welcome!  It’s always nice to see a new face, especially when they come in with knowledge that can provide another perspective.  Keep sharing your ideas and understandings.  It should be interesting.

    As for training, we’re finishing up a term and about to enter a break to revise material and finish other material.  We’re also discussing some other improvements, so you’ll see that information shortly (week or two).  However, the main website has some information available as well to answer some basic questions.  And of course, asking questions is a good way to start.  :-)

    And now I’m going to risk some honesty, since you brought the topic up.  I’ve seen pictures of Burning Man.  A high school friend goes regularly.  This is a statement of my own concerns, but I really worry that there would be a lot of drug use and lack of boundaries that I wouldn’t be ok with.  I’ve seen too many so called spiritual people who are not good to be around, and I’m afraid being in a space like that would include a good number of those people, where I wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable.  I say this because if you don’t know my impressions, you can’t respond to them and provide another perspective.  I am not trying to turn people off of looking into Burning Man, it just scares me a bit.  lol  Could you address my concerns, honestly?  I’d really appreciate it, as I’m trying to work on these concerns of these types of gatherings. 



    Welcome R. Temi! :)  I’m looking forward to anything you are willing to share with us. :)

    May the Force be with you,
    Setanaoko Mizu Oceana

    R Temi

    My dear Jax ! ( If I may call you thus ! ) I am delighted that you asked me these things that trouble you . There is more to Burning Man than meets the eye ( for an arts festival , that’s really saying something ). In my search for knowledge I have tried a few things . Here is what I feel certain of so far . Before one goes on a native american vision quest , it is wise to fast and sweat . Any poison or toxin(even disagreeable foods ) in the body will interfere/distract with connection to deeper knowledge . I have met more than one self proclaimed shaman who tried to convince me otherwise , ultimately, to no avail . My primary mentor (11 years ) had already taught me other ways . I know about healing herbs and things support the body enough that “drugs” as I think you mean them are not , to my mind an option . As with many things , you find at Burning Man , what you bring with you . It also happens in a desert . Many Mystics have gone to the desert to seek enlightenment . It is an old story . It is very easy to reach an ecstatic state there without any “aid ” what so ever . “Drugs are redundant .” –  Another “Burner ” said this to me . It is a great meditation on impermanence . In the culture we may have come from we are often taught to be spectators in our own lives . What tragedy ! ;) I could go on . Does this clear things up ?

    R Temi

    I am very glad to meet you all and am looking ahead to learning together and making new friends .


    Thank you for sharing.  I agree that drugs are not necessary to have a spiritual experience.  I think that typically people use them as a shortcut, which they are then unable to handle or understand.  Here’s my next question then.  While I understand the experience depends upon the person, how much of the festival is the spiritual seekers doing the right thing, and how much is those who just want to spend the festival partying in a rustic setting?

    Also, is it possible to spend your time around fewer people.  Basically, I’m sure for those who want to be in the middle of everything it’s easy enough to pitch a tent around everything, but for those that want a little more peace and quiet, is that possible too? 

    Thank you for answering my questions.  I certainly wouldn’t be going to Burning Man in the next year anyway, and in the meantime would participate in some local sweats first anyway, but since I haven’t participated in anything yet, it’s all a new experience.  :-)

    R Temi

    It is said that Burning Man starts when you leave your door . Personally , I and hundreds of others stop by a natural hot springs on the way . It is so hot when you get there ( august in the desert 114 degrees easy ) You will not sweat , it evaporates too fast . Rustic ?!? Do you call being bathed in beauty rustic ? How about being faced with the ideas that all things are temporary and almost nothing is impossible ? Yeah , everyone gets covered in dust . The dust becomes sacred . Lots of people bring a little back . As for solitude , I recommend “earth guardians”  . Several burner groups have what I call lovingly a “jedi complex” . There is a hot spring near that is kept secret and guarded by them . Ask to guard it . This could be your gift . It is gift economy , you know . It is they that ensure that no trace is left by any of fifty thousand burners . I may not recommend it for you . I sense a longing for introspection . Difficult at Burning Man , an event more suited to personal transformation . Being surrounded by so much stimuli and radically accepted at the same time , I can almost feel new neuro-pathways growing in my brain . Great for removing blockages . A huge population of healers and shamans . It can be scary for some . Really that is why people use drugs and get addicted and obsess about stuff . The fearful self disappears into an object , It could be described as a kind of dissociation . In a fear based culture you would expect this .

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