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    I am looking for someone to help clear something up for me or help me understand myself in a way.

    I have reciently started dreaming more often which is a tad weird. I never usually dream at all and haven’t done since I was about four years old. Just this past few weeks I have been starting dreaming more almost every night. Does anyone know what might be causing me to dream?

    Bit of a vague question I know.


    Dreams are messages.  I’m sure someone can elaborate on the details, but basically, think of it as different levels of yourself trying to communicate with you in a different way.  Do yourself a favor.  Start writing them down, every day.  In time you’ll start to see patterns, understand the language of your own brain in addition to the more universal symbolism. 


    Ye thats what I have started doing. To be honest I am pretty good at interpreting my dreams now thanks to some books and internet sites. Im not looking at specific parts of the dream as in objects but the story of the dream. Very interesting.

    Thanks thats helped a lot.


    I love dreams, they help me work through issues.  I don’t use books, as my interpretation for things are going to be different than what others base their interpretations on.  Our dreams are wired to our own psyche, therefore our psyche is what determines the interpretation (doesn’t always mean we understand it mind you).

    For example, if I saw a shark in my dream and it was attacking someone I love, it might mean that I’m doing something to hurt them and I need to change how I act towards them.  To another person, however, it may mean that there is a reason to not trust the loved one.

    I see sharks as a negative thing, but in Hawaii many see them as guardians who only protect their charge.

    anyways…I’ve not been dreaming much lately….I wonder if that means I’m under too much stress or if I should take it to be a good thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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