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    It was not yet of need for me to tell someone. As for me, what a person belief in is a very personal thing and I don’t want to browbeat (sorry if this is the wrong word, as English is not my mother tongue) someone by asking him what he is believing in.
    So, if someone would ask me directly: „Are you a Jedi?” Then I would answer: „Yes, I’m a Jedi or better said I’m walking on the Jedi-Path.”
    But if someone is asking: „What is your religion?” I would tell him: „I’m baptised as a Protestant.”
    And if someone would ask: „What are you believing in?” I would explain: „That I’m believing in a higher might which is in all and everything and binds the universe together.”

    niki disaster

    personally i have always thought of the term ‘Jedi’ as mainly being a term for simplicity. I think i would have a few issues with calling myself a Jedi. It’s not that i would have a problem telling people that i am a Jedi. Its just that I would prefer to call myself by some other label and then tell people that it is majorly inspired by the Jedi from Star Wars, as well as other philosophies, both real world and fictional.

    Then again, it doesn’t really matter what label the philosophy is given.


    currently the issues that would come from telling people out weigh the need to tell them. At present people know I am a spiritual but not religious person. I practice the qualities of the Jedi and it shows. If someone were to ask me If I was a Jedi, I would not deny it, though I Might actually respond with “I walk the path of the Jedi”. Otherwise I tell people of my beliefs and talk about philosophies of many types. Until the idea of the Jedi becomes more accepted and not looked at with scorn, I feel there is no need to Label yourself with the term, as long as you live up to the Ideals, let that be your emissary, and worry about labels another time.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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