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    I think it helps that you are very knowledgeable about your path.  When people are just starting out they don’t often have the words to describe it in a way that doesn’t sound silly.  But, the better we can explain things so that it’s logical, the better people will tend to react.  :-)


    My husband knows and I told some friends to have a look at the Jedi Academy. That is the way Katrin Wolfwalker got here.
    I have no problem to tell people my spiritual path… if they ask.

    Beral Khan

    At first, I was very wth? myself.  But the codes first line had been helping me so I thought, ok… let’s take a look.

    And after choosing the path, I realised there were two people in my life who would be helped by looking at this path as well, so I told them about it.  Then, after I was sure this was something I needed to do, I told my wife what had been bringing so much peace into our lives.

    I do not bother to share with the world what I do.  But I am ready to show what it has done for me, and what it is doing for me.

    When talking to people about helping me with PD101 class, I explain I am taking part in a Free University (we used to have those here in Wichita) on line so I can better myself for myself, my family, and my community.


    Interesting approach, Beral :)


    I finally told my Dad/Business Partner.  LOL…  Being from a long line of Freemasons I thought he would be tolerant.  However, in his mid-70’s he doesn’t know what “Star Wars” is so he feels I’ve joined a philosophical society. 

    I also told my sister, who has pre-teen and teen daughters, and she was quite interested.  (She is quite spiritual).  But for her…well…she doesn’t like science fiction.  She can’t quite get past the images of the movies.  But she’s open.

    My mother grew up Quaker so all is good…LOL…she has no idea what a Jedi may be.

    ***I LOVE the idea of saying it is like a free community college…for I have thought so as well!!!  It like this…and even more. :)

    I tried to tell my ex b/f a couple of weeks ago.  (He’s one of my closest friends).  But he kept cracking jokes and I realized the reason…heh…he isn’t a very spiritual person.

    Otherwise I don’t really discuss specific organizations or religions with people unless they specifically ask. 

    -Asta Sophi


    I have debated on this for sometimes but decided not to at present. My parents have already worked it out. (my dad knows things about me before i say anything). My mother is very supportive of me and the path that i have chosen. My father is as well, but with him it is a case of i will support you, i may not understand it entirely but if it helps.

    My friends however are a lot more sceptical, so at the moment i am enjoying the feeling of it being a personal journey! :obiwan


    Well, with training, perhaps you can articulate it to your friends in a manner that might allow them to understand.


    I told one friend several years ago, one I had trusted. She kind of accepted it at the time, although I did get a whole barrage of questions once the uncontrolleable laughter had passed. Thing is about six months later she proved how wrong I had been in telling her. That led to a deliberately orchestrated situation on her part and complete embarrassment and frustration on mine. Bad judgement…

    Never told anyone since. Asides from the desire not to go through that again, I have never seen a reason why it should be an issue up for discussion. So… no-one else has been told, likely no-one else ever will. Other than those who I already know from the communities.


    In itself, a practical enough approach, as long as you’re not afraid to admit to it when directly questioned. That’s all I would ask of any Jedi, for the time being.

    Brandel Valico

    Never really have went out of my way to tell people. But everyone who has ever asked me certain things knows as I don’t go out of my way to not tell them either.

    My entire family knows. Though no doubt they disapprove for the most part.

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