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    A bunch of the bees in America have died out. It is something like 80 or so percent. My grandmother’s garden didn’t get pollinated and it died out. Bee keepers are loseing money. I think it is sad. I love bees. I hated them when I was little, but now I know how much we need them. If they all die out we as humans are in laymans terms “Screwed”.


    Yes, this is one of the big issues right now that is stumping a lot of scientists.  The scary thing is what you just said – they aren’t pollinating, and then plants die.  That means a portion of our food supply dies because we don’t have an efficient way of pollinating plants artificially. 

    I believe this is not a fluke and is due to human interference.  I’m not sure what the cause is, but we need to start finding out! 


    Yeah, I as a vegetarian am in a lot of trouble in that case. What might happen is they will find a way to obtain the pollen from the plants and do a crop dusting kind of thing with the pollen.

    Kol Drake

    Most folks tend to forget that the unsung heroes… beekeepers — were who helped pollenate the crops across the U.S. at one time.  That and honey production.

    When ‘cheap’ cane sugar was ‘found’ (more like cheap labor) — honey was tossed off for the fancy, white stuff (which is processed so much it is less healthy than honey ever was or is!).   

    With Agri-crops that have been genetically altered and sprayed with GoDs know what chemical pesticides — it’s no wonder bees…. and a bunch of other species aren’t going belly up.  ((((( Anyone else remember how some genetically altered crop was killing off Monarch Butterflies??? )))))

    I can only pray ‘we’ pull out collective heads out of ……. where ever and stop doing stupid things to kill off the planet that sustains us!!!!!

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