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    Have we nothing of ourselves as Jedi, we have plenty of academic writing, all the rest of our training is taken from other disciplines yoga martial arts etc if we are to progress there should be Jedi disciplines. Ninjutsu has its own meditation techniques and exercises and spiritual methods, why don’t we, I know Ninjutsu has had over a thousand years to develop, and we have just had 32.

    I have trouble seeing the difference in attitude between a practicing Jedi and some of the martial artists and yogi’s I have had the privilege to practice with over the years, yes their were some very bad examples but the good ones stand out because of their objectivity and patience, maybe we don’t need to stand out for the sake of it but we are different and there is a need to train ourselves from an objective view point, most of the training we do has mostly been developed buy people not looking at things in this time frame and developed  many thousands of years ago, e.g. meditation, yoga, martial arts.

    The thing is we need our own examples, and there are a few people that I consider good examples to emulate at the IJRS, but that’s not very systematic or structured, some of you may point to the exercises but most of the exercises I have done so far here I have done before maybe not all in one place and at the same time but that’s why I am here.

    Before any of you comment on this remember I am not criticising anything or anybody here I just want to move in the right direction, so what do you think are we moving in any direction at all or backward or are we moving very slowly. 


    Personally I’m satisfied borrowing from other cultures and practices.  The larger Jedi community cannot even agree what should be studied, much less agree to adopt some practice which has not been tested by centuries of use.  And I’m not sure it’s possible to create something that is completely unique and completely our own.  I think we run into two problems in trying to create something of our own.  One is that the cultures we are familiar with are so varied and have so effected us that it is difficult to create something completely new without any influence from those cultures.

    The second problem is that in the end all of the techniques and exercises have the same core throughout the world (universe?).  Even if we create something that appears new and unique a deeper study will reveal that it is very similar to how so-and-so does it in such-and-such culture.  The longer I study martial arts the more I am convinced that all roads lead to the same spot.  Each martial art may have it’s own flavor, but at the highest levels the masters of different arts look more alike than different.  However, that being said, I think some extensive work has been done on creating unique and specific lightsaber styles.  The lightsaber has some qualities that make its use very different than any terrestrial sword.  Unfortunately, these are untested styles as we do not have any real lightsabers with which to verify the effectiveness and functionality of the styles.

    I think overall we are moving in the right direction by applying and testing those things we can.  But I don’t think we will ever develope anything of our own until we can be recognized as united.  Then we can work together to develope marks that distinguish us from the rest of society.  In other words, not in my lifetime.  But I will continue to apply my time and talents towards those activities that I think will most progress us forward towards that goal.


    Kol Drake

    Even though it has been 30+ years since the first Star Wars movie came out, we are really still in ‘our’ infancy as far as being an ‘established and unique’ entity.   Bruce Lee’s JKD did not spring whole from his brow as Athena did from Zeus; it was the thoughtful analysis and refinement of what he had studied for years prior.  I suppose not different then the first monk who copied the movements of the tiger or praying mantis and came back to show his brothers… it took time to make it work and be accepted as ‘something worth repeating’.

    While it is true we have ‘nothing of our own’ — we are inspired by the movies and pull from all cultures & traditions to find the ‘real life Jedi equivalent’ — and present what we find so we can make a baseline to springboard from.  Perhaps one day one of the present IJRS practitioners will have an epiphany and present a concept or practice which can be shown to be unique… or as zen-ryo stated…actually came from some long long ago practice or something ‘close’.  

    Even though it’s been 30+ years, the IJRS and it’s accumulation of resources is still very much in it’s infancy and is evolving constantly to better reflect the ideas and ideals and hopefully be found useful to those just starting on the path as much as those who have been all over the hillside making their own paths before landing here.   I suspect in the next five years we shall see a more polished and refined ‘course load’ and more well defined concepts and practices to work with.    Plus, we are always open to all who come and visit or train since what you may have experienced just might be the key for someone else to understand that one ‘thing’ which makes it all open up for them and others.

    Just my soapbox opinion…


    Well also remember, piggy backing off of previous comments: we are in our infancy, and considering the fate of many previous websites, we are doing pretty well.  I also noted your comment about doing exercises before.  Please note that a lot of this initial work is introductory and to provide a common basis for all incoming Jedi, no matter where they have been on the path before.

    Also, a lot of the Jedi movement is progressing offline.  Take it from me, the offline family of Jedi is very well and active and shows me that we are far from retracting on our path.  We are still very new (even if the path is 32 years old) and this is the beginning of a very exciting journey.  I would recommend visiting the Jedi Resource Center/ Jedi Gathering Groups for further information if you really want to see where the Jedi are expanding too.

    Hope all is well,


    Furthermore, the Jedi from the fiction weren’t exactly a brand-new concept either.  Lucas, as we know, drew from many sources and packaged it together for his stories.    We are, afterall, adopting someone else’s symbology to express what our spirits/souls/???  are undergoing.

    We’ll grow into our own though.  What I have found exciting about the Jedi movement is that we have a wealth of things to draw upon, but we don’t just adopt the practice of another tradition.  We tend to adapt it a bit and make it our own.    In a way, we’re kind of like a cover band, but sometimes the cover of a song is better than the original.      What has been neat is that the Jedi Movement has had, and taken, an opportunity to re-examine teachings, that in some cases are rather ancient, and give them a modern interpretation.  Jedi seem to be finding new ways to apply some of these older teachings, and that’s kind of fun.

    One thing that may already be unique to Jedi is that where mythology is involved, Jedi are working from modern myths more than they are working from the mythos of ancient cultures.    We might be learning the same things from our modern myths that other new-age-types are learning from the more ancient ones that they’re studying, but where those folks are limiting themselves solely to ancient lores, we’re expanding our experience to influences that are, comparatively, still shiny and new.

    It should be interesting to see what the Jedi look like only a century or two from now.

    Of course, as a Jedi, you have quite the opportunity to make something unique to the Jedi path.  We’re not constrained by centuries of tradition, but rather still in a time where we can define and set a Jedi tradition.

    Kol Drake

    I can understand a bit of frustration though… 30+ years and ‘this’ is all there is to learn or show for all that time.

    Here at the IJRS, many folk have been in and out and back in the Jedi community since ‘pre Internet’.  Those have worked hard to keep a consistant message and conception of what all this Jedi stuff is all about.  It’s changed some as the people have changed, matured, grown to new understandings of even the basic concepts.

    And that is kind of where the IJRS comes in again.
    It was established to set forth clear ‘base line’ / basic courses and concepts so anyone interested in walking the Jedi path might find what they are poking at… and give them the intro to a wider world.   Keywords = basic and intro.        I can understand the frustration of those who have had years and years of their own explorations and ask ‘is this all there is?’    Yes and no.

    Yes, for now — the instructors are learning as much as the students and working on expanded classes and new avenues to explore to give a wide enough ‘base’ for the student/explorer to have the TOOLS to go on and walk further on their own.  Mostly in the hopes they will keep coming back here to present old and new to us all and expand ‘our’ learning as a community through it’s individuals.

    No, in that there is tons not quantified nor in a nice pdf package since that is more about individual experiences and poking along specific lines that … truthfully, is not where beginners / those who should be learning solid fundamentals …. need to be or should be poking into before having those fundamentals down solid.  (same for any sport or endeavor)     I have made the ‘leap’ of ideas sometimes and brought them out here (the WWTF) posts which — really, are a bit more ‘advanced’ for the intro levels .  It was a decision to post those though to show that there IS more that can be looked at and tried — using ‘the basics’ and getting to see new things — ie. conscious energy work / conscious working of and with the Force.    And… there is more beyond those — but then it starts to sound like fairy tales and tales told ’round the campfire instead of teachings… since at the higher levels, it is has to be much more *experiential* then book learning to really understand in some ways.   Intellectual ‘knowing’ can only go so far before it becomes living the *doing* of it… which changes the whole ballgame.

    Sorry… rambling thoughts turned this into another soapbox lecture.
    Please, be patient.  Also take time to pull all your own life experiences and ‘teachings / learnings’ and see how those can help with ‘the basics’ and also with generating ‘more advanced’ lessons and concepts.  At the end of the 90’s I took some time to do this and nearly had a bookwork of stuff to consider…. and pull apart to get to the heart of “what I thought I thought and what I knew I knew”. (which is still changing — change is good).

    To follow the path:
    look to the master,
    follow the master,
    walk with the master,
    see through the master,
    become the master.

    – Zen poem


    Jedi Realist is an Evolution that is evolving. We are still in a state of infancy. Here is a place where the Star Wars mythos can actually come to play. The Jedi started out on a remote planet as a small group of people who wanted to study a new energy and philosophy, much as we are doing. This group evolved over thousands of years before it became know as the Jedi of the movies. That is where we are, we are a small group, studying an energy, and discussing philosophy. We have to start somewhere, and that start is taking from other philosophies and ideas, and combining them to make them our own. In order to make something our own we have to be at a point where we can, instead, we are all learning and growing, discovering our path’s. Not to say we can’t come up with something of our own, and certain way to use the Force, special connection meditations, special training, etc.. but in order to get to that point we have to learn, and study, and get to a point where we know what we are doing so that we can try and discover new ways to do things.

    Beral Khan

    I, too, have felt that there needs to be more Jedi Realist in our work. It is one of the reasons writing the Comm 101 course was important to me.

    We’ve had comm 101 since before I was here. I took a different comm 101 course in fact. It was a good basic course for communications.  It was pretty much the same as any other basic communication course you could take.  And when it was created, it was what was needed for the time.

    As the Jedi Realist movement evolves, the teachings ARE becoming more Jedi Realist and less ‘other things.’ While in the new Comm 101 course we do have a lesson on ‘basic’ comm the over all concept is based on how to communicate ‘as a Jedi Realist.’

    This means that the concept of communication is different for a Jedi Realist than it would be for others. We strive to seek a higher understanding of the world – to see what is ‘the truth’ and ‘what is really being said.’

    Today’s courses here at the IJRS will, once again and probably sooner than later, get ANOTHER update.  Something many of you may not be aware of is how often the courses change based on newly discovered information, insight, or someone having taken the course and learned its lessons growing and being able to add even more to the course.

    Both Sadly and Happily, this is the place we are.  The beginning of what will take thousands of years to truly find its way.  I look forward to seeing the insights those who come after us are able to give.  :meditate

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