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    I just got this email from imax that says the last 20 minutes or so of Order of the Pheonix will be in 3D!!!!  How awesome!  You can read a bit here, http://www.imax.com/ImaxWeb/filmDetail.do?type=comingSoon&movieID=code__.__201

    I think we’ll have to drive to San Antonio to watch it, because the Imax in Austin is stupid and rarely gets movies that aren’t educational.  But, they did have Superman, so maybe. *fingers crossed* 

    This is way too exciting!  lol


    Hey at least you HAVE an IMAX. I’d love to see Sci-Fi and fantasy on Imax (can you imagine what the Imperial Star Destroyer from a New Hope would be like in 3-D Imax!!!


    Actually, I saw episode 2 on IMAX.  That scene where they’re flying through the city tracking down that bounty hunter had my heart racing!  lol, my poor mentor could feel my heart racing.  But it was exciting!  All movies like that, especially when they know they’ll pull in hundreds of millions, should be shown in IMAX.  I can’t imagine what IMAX 3D will be like! 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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