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    By way of a brief introduction, Star Wars has been one of my special interests since a friend introduced me to the original trilogy when I was eleven, but I missed a lot while exploring other facets of the world over the past decade. I just recently started catching up on a lot of the saga materials I missed: I’m playing KotOR (my parents had a thing against video games until I left for university), reading newer novels and comics, and watching The Clone Wars series.
    I’m now a stay-at-home parent to two incredible small humans (just my biased opinion). I’m mostly housebound cos our town isn’t very walkable and my nesting partner has to use our one vehicle for work. I love reading, crafts of all sorts, and am a constant learner. I’ve always been passionate about social justice and caring for the Earth, but sharing those passions with the challenges of raising children has made it easy to feel overwhelmed. I have been focusing on doing the best I can within my small sphere, but I’m trying to prepare for the day when my days are more my own, and my children are old enough to be active participants in the larger community.
    I’m prone to infodumping and oversharing, and struggle with small talk, but I love deep conversations and authentic friendships. I hope to add something good to this community with my own particular perspectives.

    Kol Drake

    Greetings and welcome to the IJRS.

    Now that ‘the last’ installment was released, it’s weird to imagine that generations will be … being exposed… to the saga over the decades to come. 42 years of watching and analyzing and enjoyment. :D

    Welcome and I hope you find interesting ‘stuff’ we, at the IJRS, can toss around; compare notes (on the movies, life, living, etc.); and generally find new Paths to explore.


    Welcome at the IJRS and many thanks for sharing your introduction with us!

    Although the board right now is not as active as it had been, You might find that, including myself, there are others around in similar situations like yours. Me too, I’m a father of two and have a constant struggle to carve out some time for myself as, besides work, most of my time is consumed by my children but that is more than okay so!

    Looking forward to share thoughts with You and should You start with the Introduction Course, You will find me as a guide there.


    Welcome and make yourself at home!

    I’m trying to pick up The Clone Wars series, but the animated series are heavily geared towards kids. I watched Rebels with my kids through the first two seasons. It got better after that. I don’t think I would have made it through if they weren’t watching with me. I’m skipping to season 2 for Clone Wars and trying to cherry pick episodes until I get to season 4. The final season hype has been loud and I’m interested to see the end.

    What novels are you reading? I’m enjoying the new ones as great character development stories, which is different from the thrilling adventures the legacy books had been.

    Nick wrote:
    What novels are you reading? I’m enjoying the new ones as great character development stories, which is different from the thrilling adventures the legacy books had been.

    I’m trying to read more or less chronologically, as I find books available at my library or on prime reading. I read Revan, which makes playing KotOR even more interesting, and I’m in the midst of Into the Void now.
    Back in the day, I read almost all the novels that were written pre-2002 or so. I left off in the middle of the New Jedi Order series.
    My favourite was always the Thrawn Trilogy.

    Kol Drake

    I am WAY behind on doing my ‘book reports’ of all the Star Wars stories I’ve read in the last few months!

    Here’s the ‘short list’ of most of those…



    Welcome! I suspect with all the changes happening with shelter in place rules, more will stop by in the coming months. :-)

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