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    I am an old time participant of jedi online community, starting with Jedi Academy around 2000. I’ve been off those forums at times for 2 to 3 years, but have returned always to check in the progress.

    I have avoided this place for years because of the word realist used in philosophy and the sword on the academy symbol. Because I see it as a device to cut people rather than anything else.

    I am here now because I see beyond these 2 superficial details. I consider myself a jedi, a jediist. If any Star Wars fan says they are jedi, I have no difficulty seeing the difference between them and myself. Same with fictional movie and book jedi. Most importantly I see the word jedi as of not much importance. I aspire to follow jedi ideals, and not be linked with a mere word “jedi”. Therefore I could give this path another label.

    I once used to see jedi realism as a distinct political agenda. I don’t know what it stands for anymore, even if I read the FAQs on this forum. That particular FAQ makes no logical sense to me about that point. In another words I see no need for adding realism to differentiate real jedi from fictional jedi or fans.
    I will not explain this as I don’t seek to make others think like me. Just know that my confusion is not irrational and unreasonable. Maybe one day you will learn who I am and understand why I think as I do, if not then not.

    Now with this out of the way.

    I am trying to find my place in jedi community. Rest assured my focus is jedi ideals. I just don’t find a place where I’d not stir up any controversy. It’s because I jump in without explaining where I come from. Thus I write what I am writing now, even though my own philosophy says it is unnecessary waste of energy.

    I think I focus on a wrong thing. I am too unconventional, which is a result of my journey to discover the mysteries of Universe, the Force and make a working jedi philosophy for myself.

    So I am here to see mainly if I can learn something from you all and try to share some exciting things I know myself.

    Keep in mind if you see something out of good nature coming from me then I can assure you I have no such focus. I may slip in being diplomatic. I may forget being aware of other points of view. Just don’t focus on negative or you will create a conflict. Very easy to do with me. I will try to be more reaching to you all here rather than just writing my own thing, in order to avoid such misunderstandings.

    It’s simple truth that what you see from outside is your own focus. I am counting on every jedi being aware of this.


    Welcome Neo.  I’m not sure what you mean by political agenda.  The term realist was never political, simply a term used to distinguish from role players.  Back in the day it wasn’t easy to find Jedi who weren’t just role playing.  The term realist takes the question away.  but it also distinguishes from the jedi religion idea that was taking root in popular culture thanks to the UK census.  Jedi realism encompasses those who follow it as a religion, but doesn’t take that focus.  instead the focus is on practical application to daily life, constant training and betterment.  It’s what I always saw the path as, just with a term that is more descriptive for a person when they first see it.  I don’t see what is political in that.


    It was my perception of it. Nothing more.


    Welcome to the boards Neo.  I want to first welcome you to the IJRS.  I know terms can be a point of contention between two people.  I think you will find that we as a community (at this website) are seeking to expand our knowledge of what Jedi Realism is and how we can better help each other and those around us. 

    Secondly, I do appreciate your attention to details.  Having a sword, or a focus on the term ‘realism’ may be a part of our site, but I think it is our members, and the discussions and learning processes we have here that set us apart; and what you should pay particular attention to.  I’m glad you introduced yourself and moved beyond the superficial labels. 

    I look forward to seeing what knowledge you have to offer and I hope to see you around the boards.



    Hey Neo.

    If there may be an issue – it may be simply in communication. 

    There are a lot of issues with communication in the Jedi Community – and why it is an important class here some may suspect?  The Jedi Path (as many have come to call it rather than Jediism with it’s emphasis on religious organization or Jedi Realist which may sound a wee bit hippy) is an acknowledged individual journey for any who have gone this Path seriously for any length of time. 

    Yet – as humans – we do want to come together.  We want to find others “like us” or to share info/ideas/dreams/dreads.  People want to feel a part of something. 

    Star Wars is central to the Jedi Path in that the idea is IN the Jedi of Star Wars.  How we perceive that is likewise individual – yet – it was what brought us all together.

    ****If noticed – there was not a lot of “I” or “you” in those rather strong statements made, above.  The use of “I” and “you” are most often used to divide people from one another.  Possibly that is something that is not noticed outwardly – but if it is sorta thought about – well – eh – sorta true?

    Otherwise – I have enjoyed reading the discussions you began elsewhere, Neo.  Rather illuminating in how some handled it.  Good discussion – and that it wasn’t cencored or halted is heartening to see as has happened when ideas are not allowed outside of a set criteria by an Admin or group who simply don’t agree.


    Thank you.

    I find some jedi to have too big of a self and too little respect for something they deem unworthy of their jediness.

    Very funny(you could see it as unsettling, but look at it in positive perspective, why lower your mind and energy), coming from jedi who should have had years of experience in lessons of humility, respect, and peace. Especially in communicating with others in our hostile and egomaniacal world.

    It’s at least good to see who has reached inner peace and self respect and who hasn’t. It shows in your approach. I certainly would prefer to do the big things only with those who have found such qualities within.

    So there is nothing to loose, only to win.
    Focus on negative too much and you never see anything but what you loose.


    It’s important to remember that everyone is still learning.  The behavior of a Jedi is not easy to come by.  Just as other skills it requires practice.  I caution you Neo, don’t read too much into things here.  No one here is focusing on the negative, but at times it will come up.  People will react differently on different days.  Let it pass.  Accept that all levels train and discuss here.  Sometimes it’s best to just let things be.  If someone is behaving inappropriately it will be dealt with in accordance with our guidelines, but there hasn’t been any trouble in many years.  Don’t carry over problems from other locations here, think of this as a neutral zone if it helps.  ;-)


    I find some jedi to have too big of a self and too little respect for something they deem unworthy of their jediness.

    Could you explain that in a better way? Too big of a self? Like… “know-it-all” attitude?


    Big ego it means, either “know it all” variation or some other perk  ;D


    Well, I cannot speak for anybody else… but, as for myself, I think ego is a big principle in your issue. I think you think that as long as we keep the name “jedi”, it is feeding our egos to be like the movies: high and mighty all knowing heroes. Is that what you’re going for?

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