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    I’m new to Jedi realism. I am seeking training the can help me get over fear, anxiety, and depression. A psychotic break I had last year has left me with depression and so I deal with it off and on. I am a rationalist on the path so I don’t dive into any esoteric stuff and see the Force as more of a metaphor for many things within ourselves and our world. I have an interest in lightsaber flow and combat. The lightsaber can be a great meditation and training aid. One may carry one as a symbol of their path or have one on their altar in their meditation space. When I really get into something, I tend to enjoy it so I hope that I can get some benefit out of the training here.


    I had been away for a bit and therefore not up to date. But hopefully You are now all set and could already start with our coursework. If so, we will see each other at the Introduction Course!
    Anyway, Looking Forward to interact with You.


    Gday Regina!

    I know a lot about A way to overcome fear


    First of all we decide what affects us, its upto you wether your thoughts run with something or not.

    We are spirits who re-incarnate countless times overs millions of years until we dont need bodies to evolve. Death is a temporary meditation to cogitate our learning so our spirit gets more knowledge/wisdom/Love. Evolution is the goal.

    I know some great meditations i will post asap and link here.

    Only you can decide what affects you Regina, its upto you to think positive or negative, Humans need to be Neutral Positive, that = slight positive for evolution to happen. The Universe is balanced. If you r too happy it will bring megolamania, too negative will bring depression.

    Always say its upto you.

    More about this soon, You are Master of your thoughts.


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