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    Kalos Prokopa

    Good day – I’ve just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I’m a biologist living in Texas, with a lifelong love of Star Wars and interests (Historical European martial Arts, tai chi and qigong, classical philosophy) that at first glance meld well with the path laid before me here. It will be interesting to see how well that holds as I begin the coursework – in particular, how well my skeptical, atheistic outlook integrates with some of the more esoteric topics. But, I choose to enter with an open mind and embrace the light side. I look forward to interacting with the teachers and students here.

    Kol Drake


    All we ask is to keep ‘an open mind’… and enjoy the adventure.


    I had been away for a bit and therefore not up to date. But hopefully You are now all set and could already start with our coursework. If so, we will see each other at the Introduction Course, if, by now, You not already have finished it!?
    Anyway, looking forward to interact with You.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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