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    Due to personal and other such factors, I will not be revealing my name; therefore, I would like to be reffered to as Corran. However, I can tell you that I am currently living in Canada and am attending high-school. I do realize that I am quite young to be beginning on the Jedi path, but I figure the earlier the better, just look at what happened to Anakin.
    Sincerely, Corran

    P.S. My blog link is corransthoughts.wordpress.com


    Hello, Corran! Got a silver lightsaber? ;) lol. Jkjk

    Welcome to the IJRS. I too am a student here, so I cannot wait to see your posts and learn about the Jedi path here with you. Just don’t pay too much heed to Neo and share your thoughts! ;) (sorry, Neo… We love you, bud) Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Jaxs is very wise and can help you along your path. I am in high school as well, and I started at 12 (I’m 18 now). One is never too young. :)


    There are many with wisdom and knowledge here, plenty more than me. ;-)

    Welcome Corran.  I won’t ask where you live, but if you stick around I’m working to transfer to Calgary in about 2 years for work.  If your in the western part of the country we may be able to meet in person in the future.  Until then, plenty to learn.  We’ve got a few here who started young who can share their perspectives with trying to be a Jedi while still in high school.  Don’t be afraid to ask about things specific to your life as well as general Jedi questions.

    Beral Khan

    Welcome. :) Beginning the path at a young age is something Phoenix did, if I recall correctly. It is a good path to follow as it is truly uniquely YOUR path.  I hope you find the information on this site useful. :)


    Agreed with Beral!  I also wish I might have found the Jedi Path with others – but I was 13 in 1977 he and it was a very different world.

    The Jedi Path is an adventure – and grows and changes with ability/needs/awareness.  It is not for any one age.

    I’ve seen your posts around!  (Riddlenox – I didn’t realize you began so young!)

    – Asta


    He’s still young! lol

    (Riddlenox – I didn’t realize you began so young!)

    Mhmm. :) I am one of the Jedi raised that way from birth. I was raised on the movies and was always fascinated with the concepts of the Jedi and their applications to the real world.


    Welcome Corran. Quite some of us started at early age, first with movies and then forums. I came to forums at age of 16/17. I said I am older lol and no one had a problem  ;D But at these times there was not much serious stuff going on. Now jedi have very mature and responsible communities, places of study that do demand certain level of honesty and respect.

    This place if I am correct is intended for ages 13+, right? So all should be fine.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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