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    Hello all,
    My name is Aeos, some of you may already know me from the Jedi Resource Centre or from Road to Honour Academy.
    I’ve been training as a Jedi for… quite a while…
    If you have any questions about me, simply ask. :)



    Welcome Aeos.  Do you like vowels? :-)  More seriously, how do you pronounce that?

    What do you like to do outside Jedi training?  Hobbies?



    So how long have you been training exactly? What has your training entailed?



    Jax: It’s pronounced “AE-ohs” ;P
    Outside of Jedi training, I love to learn and speak foreign languages. I currently speak fluent English, obviously, and fairly fluent French (Parisian). I’m learning German and Spanish at school as well, and teaching myself Arabic, Russian, and Indonesian. haha, it’s more of my passion than an actual hobbie.
    I also LOVE Martial Arts. I am currently nearing my Black Belt (1st Don) in Tang Soo Do (MDK) and I will shortly be beginning Aikido at the University I plan on attending.
    As for actual hobbies, I like to work out, watch Hockey, listen to music (all sorts), play Guitar, write, and read (mostly philosophy books).

    Jedi Phoenix:
    I have been on the Jedi Path for somewhere around six or seven years now, however I have only been truely serious about it for a little over three now.
    I have been through a lot of individual training and a little official training. I was a member of Real Jedi Knights for… three years? I only reached Student or Padawan… however my training there wasn’t… the best.
    I am currently training at Road of Honour Academy as a Padawan, I am learning from Master Atarah there. I am also in training at Temple of the Jedi Order.

    I’m glad to be here, and I’m sure I will glean much in my time here! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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