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    I’m not entirely sure what this journal is supposed to be, what all it needs to include, nor how often I need to make entries. I know the leadership here will let me know, but for now I will base the first entry on the loose formatting I have read in some other journals on this forum.

    I recently completed my intro course that I began (personally embarrassingly) over eight months ago. Two weeks after I began that course, I was lucky enough to be hired on to a new job after losing my last one due to hospitalization in March. Between the hours working, running a volunteer martial arts school, and raising a newborn baby at the time, it left little to no time for anything else, including my Jedi studies. I was recently hospitalized again for the same condition and the doctors are looking at permanent disability. While this is severely upsetting and disrupting to many areas of my life, it has blessedly left me some time to return to projects and studies I have had to put aside for too long, highly placed among them being my Jedi training. I have gone into great detail in my intro postings as to why I have felt the pull to the path that I am walking, so I will leave that topic marked as done for the purposes of this journal. I have been training in a great number of ways for many years before finding this community and the somewhat local Jedi groups. While I have struggled with several aspects of the training and feel like I am starting with more experience than some, I know that I am still starting at the beginning of an entirely new section of my journey with the IJRS.

    When it comes to what I will do from here and what I have done since I started my intro course, I am working mainly off of a skeleton framework. I began training Gumdo, which is Korean sword fighting, at the end of February 2016. The physical challenge is very unique and I hope to use the training to further my comfort and skills with my lightsaber practice. I have started and restarted running programs a few times since I began this program and have just recently recommitted to a running and weight lifting/ body weight exercise program to augment my martial arts training. I am also the head instructor at a Taekwondo dojang where I spend seven hours a week actively teaching martial arts on a voluntary basis. I own the school, but no one draws a salary. We keep our fees as minimal, and at times waived, to only cover rent and insurance to keep the doors open. Our school never wants money to be the reason someone can’t train and better themselves, nor to have a safe place to come to for an ear or whatever other help we can provide. I have also worked on some areas of personal study in the form of reading and reviewing various books or watching documentaries on subjects that enrich my knowledge and understanding. I have trained in the healing arts of massage therapy and have recently pledged to resume that practice to further my healing training. I was also raised by a wonderful family in the Native traditions where stones, herbs, and other natural methods of treatment were taught to me. I am starting to dust off old knowledge of those techniques and relearn what time has grayed out in my mind. I have trained in several forms of meditation, both eastern and western based practices, but have lapsed severely in my application of these practices in my daily life. With my illness and my refocus on my training, now is an ideal time to reintegrate these practices along with the Force meditations I have seen and tried with the Jedi. Moving forward I would also like to continue my training in knowledge by completing the various courses offered by the IJRS and if there are additional courses or locations to study online, I would be interested in exploring those as well.

    I began tracking several of the activities and training I have completed since I began my introductory course, but did not know if I could start a journal here or how these items were supposed to be tracked and verified to the IJRS. I am now using my PLP to track the activities and hours and will post my “book reports” etc. here unless I need to do so elsewhere. Any other guidance on how I need to proceed would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to be on this path and hope that I can stay on track to keep my training as a priority in my life.


    Well, you haven’t been doing nothing. Hope your life will somehow get better now. I myself also have some form of dissability but I think that just gives you more milestones, and If you reach them those points you get out luch stronger than someone with no problems at all (allthough those people don’t exist).
    Gumdo is a very interesting sport… I know it has some movements can be found back in Aikido… Maybe interesting to look Some things up or ask you sensei.

    Just to say, be welcome, If you want a talk you are welcome and good luck!

    Kol Drake

    As most will tell you sooner or later — Life happens.
    And we always encourage folks to “do what you need to do for YOUR life” and not worry about IJRS courses. We will be here when you are able to come back — and that’s the way it should be. One less stressor during times of stress / ‘Life’. Then, once you are feeling like things are leveling out, you are more than welcome to pick things back up.


    To, at least somehow, answer your questions about what this should be about and what it is good for. Please use your PTD in whatever way You like and see beneficial for You. As the word would imply, the idea behind it is a Personal Training Diary or in other words a diary in which You can write as much or as little as You feel like You want to share with the community. As it is a diary, it is a good place to share your personal takes on the Path and what You found had been beneficial for your individual Jedi Training and Path.
    You also can use it to track the “hours” from the activities which You placed in your PLP, also no one really counts the single hours, but many of us use the PTD to show and write about their progress and by doing so show a consistency in what they do.

    So, to sum it up:
    You can use the PTD for whatever You like and feel like sharing.
    You can use it to “report” about your activities which You placed in your PLP.
    You can use it to ask questions or discuss topics special and important to You which You feel don’t have a place elsewhere.

    Besides that we don’t have a “rule” nor a regulation for the PTD and normally everyone is welcomed to read and comment in everyone’s PTD with the exception where someone states that this is not wished.

    So, have fun. Enjoy your journey on this Path and may the Force guide You along your individual Path! :meditate


    So it has been a little while since my last entry and I wanted to update the journal with what has been going on in my world of training for the mean time. The doctors have been bouncing me around on different medications that have messed with my mind and energy levels. I haven’t been able to make it to the gym nearly as much as I want/ need to. I have kept my Gumdo and Taekwondo training up as well as integrating Pokemon Go walks in for a little extra fitness and enjoyment. I have worked to maintain my daily meditations, though I will admit the drugs have made it much harder. I have also begun reading and watching materials for book report style training. I hope to post some of those reports to this journal once the national gathering is over and I’m back home. Hopefully the meds will even out and I will be more functional and up to my personal training standards soon.

    Kol Drake

    Sometimes, training has to take a backseat to healing — physically, emotionally, psychically.
    “Keeping active” can sometimes keep one distracted from what one may really need to address.


    Training is healing..


    So here it is, over a year since my last login and training. I have gone against doctor’s recommendations and returned to work (about a year ago, thus the drop off). I have fought to rid my body of the medications that were severely altering my way of being and thinking. This means I am fighting the old illnesses full force again, but I am winning far more often than losing. The drugs left my brain changed and not for the better. My creativity and passions have been muted to a degree that is scary and more than a little frustrating. I feel as though my brain is in packing peanuts and just can’t break through to tap into that creative/ energetic well I used to. I am still actively working on trying to find a new way through, but I have not been too successful. I also feel like I have been severely lacking in my personal training regiment for my path, but with this entry, I am hopeful to rekindle and reprioritize that too. I know the path isn’t a clear walk but a twisting and turning trail that we can get lost along the way on. I am just hopeful that when I stray from the path, I will find my way back. I have found some renewed hope in the future as I begin embarking on a bold life-changing plan to reenter school and get a teaching license along with a Master’s degree. I have still been running my martial arts school and training hard for the past four years. In fact, I will most likely be testing for two new Black Belts this year along with continuing towards my 4th Dan in my main style. I have enjoyed taking a little time to recover from the meds and reconnecting with my wife and rapidly growing son (Jeebus the kid is gonna be huge), but now I feel I am really ready to step back onto the path and keep moving forward. I am so thankful you are still here and I have a place I can start from again. One foot in front of the other like every day and here we go.

    May the Force be with us all

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