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    I would love to, but they don’t particularly like it when I speak Spanish. Early on I was inconsistent about speaking Spanish in daily life; it was just too easy to fall back into English.


    I am a paralegal in an employment law team for a law firm in the U.K. The job is a bit repetitive and can be a bit boring at times, so is definitely not what I want to be doing. I used to be a paralegal in the public sector, which was far more interesting but I was made redundant about 5 years ago, so had to start over in the private sector. Currently, I am training to be a legal executive lawyer but my ideal job would be probably be as a full time trade union official, which I did do for 3 years in my old job.  I also wouldn’t mind being an author, and in the past I have also looked at a called to religious life at a Benedictine monastery.


    The nice part about being an author is you can do it while working other jobs. It’s really improved my life since I started writing.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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