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    Since we don’t live at a Jedi Temple, let’s share what we do to make a living. Is this what you want to be doing? Even if it is, what would be your dream job?

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    I am a university adjunct professor. I teach voice lessons.

    I do love it. It provides a certain flexibility. I want to start my own studio some day so that I can really be in control of my schedule. Freedom is something I value very highly.

    My dream job would be to have nothing specific to do. I would really like to travel around. Go do nerdy stuff. Teach philosophy. Take classes. I don’t want to be tied down at all. Perhaps making money here or there doing service work wherever I go. Like WOOFing or something. Teaching singing over skype, or doing classes wherever I end up.

    Perhaps I’ll be known as the Wandering Jedi. Connor the Grey. Wizard who wanders America. haha.


    Good but difficult questions.

    I had been a building side manager in the past and changed for be(coming) an aerospace design engineer. I did so as I thought that this would be my dream job as I always had loved aeroplanes and still do so but the job I’m doing right now had become nothing more than a regular source of income as I have hardly anything to do with designing and/or engineering work at all. My day routine right now is writing EXCEL list and tracking suppliers which is, for sure, not what I had in mind back then when I started to study about aerospace engineering.

    This is why I had started to study about Feng Shui a couple of years ago. I did so as I’m interested in creating living areas and solving problems. Through my work I want to be of help and want that what I do improves the lives of others.

    My dream occupation would be to work as a sort of teacher who is teaching the stuff I found beneficial for and in my life meaning Feng Shui and martial arts as majors. In this way I would like to still (keep) work(ing) as Feng Shui consultant but also get in the aspect of teaching.
    If then I can even add to it my interest for creating radio controlled model aeroplanes and ships, it would then be perfect.


    thank you both for sharing!

    I currently am in the self employment/business owner-ish phase. My primary business focus is the solar company my original Jedi mentor owns. We’ll be splitting the Colorado region off into a separate business owned by myself and him soon, which is why I’m owner-ish. haha I enjoy this, but I’m still learning to be good at sales enough to build a self sustaining local business.

    I chose this path because the mission is important and also because I didn’t want a normal job after being laid off. My only issue right now is not having enough sales, which I’m improving on. :-)

    My dream still is to have the money to build the Jedi Praxeum, to focus on training Jedi and other people to live better lives, creating a better planet for us all. That will likely involve still being involved in some businesses as well, but I don’t want it to dominate my day. I’d rather spend it creating positive change on the planet.


    I was worried when you lost your job… I’m glad it seems to be going better. How are Carrie’s books coming?


    I’m an electrical engineer specializing in electromagnetics, antennas, and wireless transmission. My current position is a leadership role on contract for the Army. The program is influential in keeping soldiers and civilians safe. I am right where I want to be in terms of mentally challenging and stimulating with rewarding benefits.


    I’m a librarian at a small liberal arts university. While I don’t like that I spend most of my time in front of a screen, I do love that I get to teach people how to find and understand information. I feel like I am empowering people to make their own lives and the lives of others better, because if you know how to find, access, understand, and use information, you can learn to do practically anything.

    I say this on a good day, having just had a couple of days full of fulfilling interactions with students and colleagues. :)


    Right now I’m currently a student @ TSTC in Waco Texas.
    I’ve received two associates degrees there, Network Security and Digital Forensics. Currently working on an associate in Computer Programing.

    currently on the weekends, I work part time at Lowes. Not what I want to be doing, but knowing I can’t do what I want until I get finished with school is something I have to deal with til then.

    Kol Drake

    First job was was when I turned 16. Worked the summer as an apprentice Ironworker at an ‘experimental’ Breeder reactor unit in Hanford, Washington. Did it again between junior and senior high.

    Did some college. Then moved and worked at ANOTHER nuclear reactor facility in Arkansas. Went back to college and worked part-time at a pizza place. Then went into the military.

    Russian Linguist and Electronic Countermeasures. Stationed just outside Frankfurt Germany. Also spent time in Augsburg and Turkey. Then, back to college (AGAIN). Did tutoring and work-study through this round of college time. Graduated with a B.S. in Engineering, a minor in computer science… and nearly enough credits for an associates of arts. Day after graduating, I went off the Air Force Officer Training School… with the promise of a job in their ‘missleman’ program — which would have led to working at their ‘space command’. Unfortunately, I got a wicked case of pneumonia and had to drop… and with a family I could not just sit and wait the six months to ‘try again’. So, started flipping Egg McMuffins and burgers for (back then) $3.45 an hour.

    Quality Assurance Engineer and Line Production Engineer for Texas Instruments’ line of Military and Space Grade semiconductors. Then a year in a start up company in Pennsylvania — on demand placement for ORACLE relational database creation. (company never came to fruition…). Back to Texas working in the IT department of the city. Relational database creations and network wide PC support.

    Jump to Austin, Texas and working as the computer geek and production staff for a Print & Copy shop that basically worked off-campus for the University of Texas at Austin. Then jumped to Arkansas… raking rubber bands and then their IT ‘guy’ and graphic artist for digital images on their labeling system.

    Learned how to ‘touch type fast’… working for the U.S. Postal Service while they fine tuned their ‘read crappy handwriting’ software sorter system. Then for Xerox Imaging Systems converting old hardcopy files into digital formats for companies.

    Jump to shelf stocker and then assistant manager of a ‘dollar store’ chain… and then full time care for my parents.

    So, a whole lot of jumping about before doing nothing of note.
    That’s right kids! Aim high and work your way down the ladder of success! It’s a trip. :P

    Dogan Nar II

    So, little bit of a longwinded answer for me. I’m a bit of a jack of all trades.

    So, my main profession is that of videographer. I’m both employed by a videography company and I’m beginning my own videography company as well. I also, as of last month, have began work in the carpentry industry. I work with hand building poly furniture.

    Also, something I consider more important than any sort of employment is the fact that I am a serial entrepreneur. I’m currently working on multiple business ideas in multiple industries from security to music as well as some more legacy-minded non profit organizations.

    My dream career is, quite honestly, I have no idea. I think a catch-all term would simply be entrepreneur.

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