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    I’m sure many of you have seen this before, but I’m discovering it can be really great for getting to know people on facebook and thought it’d be good to share here too.  Normally you ‘tag’ other people to do this, but I’m just tagging everyone.  Share if you want.  :-)

    Here’s the deal – Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random tidbits, facts, habits, or goals about you.

    1. I’ve never done one of these things. Ever. Except now I have.  So I can add something new.  I’m a habitual multitasker, even though I know it reduces comprehension and understanding so my quality of work decreases.

    2. My brain likes to rebel when forced to make a decision with no boundaries. So this list? yeah, totally wiping out all thoughts. Instant meditation!

    3. I am a resilient person, fueled by hope and the belief that it can always get better, and people can change for the better given the necessary tools.

    4. I’m a very guarded person, while at the same time I’m fairly open on my blog which is a relatively safe place for me to practice opening up.

    5. I am almost addicted to the internet. I do waste too much time online, though I also do a lot of useful stuff all this Jedi stuff, so it’s like an addiction with a purpose. :-)

    6. I’m kinda lactose intolerant, but I still eat ice cream cones from time to time.

    7. I can bullshit an answer to a question and still be right much of the time.  that’s called using your intuition apparently. ;-)

    8. I have yet to make a big deal out of a birthday and don’t expect to in the future.

    9. I am annoyed that so many of these sentences start with the word I. It’s bad form.

    10. My brain doesn’t appear to be good at languages, but I’m still doing my best to learn Russian so I can visit someday and not sound absolutely ignorant.

    11. My cat is staring at the wall, which is amusing. I wonder who he’s looking at.

    12. As a child I wanted to be a teacher, a Green Bay Packer, a martial artist, a musician, a soldier, a Marine, and a scientist.

    13. In my life I’ve been a teacher, a martial artist, a musician, a Marine, and a scientist.

    14. While I know I’m smart, I rarely feel competent. It’s one of the few ways that I fall in line with statistics of other females.

    15. Gender is fluid, and I consider myself gender neutral or butch rather than saying I’m a woman. I don’t feel comfortable with that word and will resort to saying female instead whenever possible.

    16. I’ve worked hard to reduce my tendency toward judgment of others, knowing that it doesn’t help anyone improve in life.

    17. I spent 2 weeks at the south pole and wish I could return someday.

    18. My drums have not been played since I moved last March. There just hasn’t been time.  I have, however, gotten my bass out and have had fun playing around a bit each day.

    19. I’m not very good at managing money, but I’m improving.

    20. Someday I will return to my musical roots and become an awesome (or acceptable) musician.

    21. My totem animal is the wolf, which makes a lot of sense to those who know me well.

    22. While I look forward to adopting children in the future, the thought of more responsibility is almost overwhelming right now.

    23. I hate watching the first rounds of American Idol and So you think you can dance. I feel bad or embarrassed for too many people and I become uncomfortable.

    24. I wish my friends weren’t so far away so I could actually interact with people who I don’t work with from time to time.

    25. I’m glad I did this, as it was a good distraction and lifted my spirits a bit.


    1. I really really dislike these things but will do this because i’m bored.
    2. I have a dog named libby
    3. I’m training my dog to perform basic agility (really I’m training myself, lol)
    4. I’m trying to go to the gym three times a week
    5. I’ve missed the last week and a half but will go this Wednesday
    6. My right hip hurts but nothing is wrong with it (according to the MRI, X-rays, and doctors)
    7. Have to stop running again cause of said problem
    8. Hope to be back to normal running self by the end of February
    9. I’m going to college
    10. I’m majoring in Criminal Justice
    11. I’m going to earn a degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on criminalistics
    12. I’m 19
    13. I graduated from high school
    14. I love to read
    15. I have over 50 ebooks saved on my computer
    16. I love celtic music
    17. I petsit and walk
    18. I tend to over organize my room
    19. I over organize everything
    20. I was in Army JROTC in high school
    21. I ran cross-country my 9,10,11th grade year
    22. I ran track my 9 and 10 grade year
    23. I made cross-country captain at the end of my 10 grade year but had to move that summer so wasn’t able to be the girls captain my 11th grade year
    24. I ran the Army-Ten-Miler Oct. 5 2008, had a lot of fun doing that, but was “injured” and now i’m still trying to recover from that
    25. I’m impressed I thought of 25 things to say.


    Bekah, doctors are always limited in what they can figure out.  Each diagnostic tool can only figure out so much.  My initial recommendations are to find an experienced chiropractor, preferably one that is experienced with sports injuries and rehabilitation.  Second, (or first if the chiro isn’t an option), use healing energy.  You may not know what is the cause of the pain, but you can ease some of the pain. 

    There are many things you can do.  What I’d experiment with initially is simply visualizing blue light in the area of your hip.  Focus on the light and energy being healing in quality.  Since there’s inflammation you can add the added quality of cool water to the area as well.  If you can do this after your meditation it will be more effective, as you’ll already be focused.

    Good luck.


    Thanks Jax I’ll make sure to do that.

    My right hip hurts but nothing is wrong with it (according to the MRI, X-rays, and doctors)

    Have they checked you out for referring trigger points? (i.e. muscular spasms somewhere completely unrelated to your hip that refer pain to the hip area?). Doc’s aren’t always up on trigger points.


    I had posted this on Facebook before, but I figured I’d give it a second go around :)

    1. No matter how much I enjoy doing something, I always seem to procrastinate in doing it. (A real procrastinator would post this without filling in the other 24 facts. So maybe I’m just procrastinating on procrastinating)

    2. Money management has never been my strong suit.

    3. If you ask me to choose between you or my dogs, you’ll always lose out. Always. Unless your a dog-human hybrid… but that would just be weird.

    4. I’m drowning beneath class work, debt, and that looming feeling as if all will be consumed if I don’t swim just a little faster.

    5. I’m afraid of large bodies of water. Well more what could be lurking beneath the water. It just bugs me out hardcore.

    6. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I’ll turn around so that my head is where my feet should be.

    7. I crave closeness, but I’m picky about those that I let in.

    8. When I was in Amsterdam I filled a composition notebook with thoughts, ideas, feelings, and accounts of my adventures. I don’t think I’ve ever been so open with myself before or after that.

    9. I can almost always say the alphabet backwards whether I’m sober or not.

    10. I’m a very passionate person. When I get into something, I throw everything I have into it. A few days later I do the same thing with some completely different topic or object. I just don’t know any other way to do things I suppose.

    11. I’ve been having drastic mood swings lately. Sometimes I’m happy as can be, tromping along through the grass looking at the birds and trees and stuff and the next minute I plunge down into the depths of self-loathing and self-deprecation.

    12. I’m a child at heart and have often been told that I need a babysitter because I get myself into mischief if I’m not watched closely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    13. I always hurt myself. Everyone gets worried when I’m bleeding, accidentally whacking my head on things, or spraining things. I guess I’ve just gotten used to it.

    14. If you spent ten minutes in my head, you would go crazy. I know I did.

    15. I understand the necessity of change, but sometimes I just wish things could stay the same. At least for a little while.

    16. I love to daydream. In fact, I think I daydream more than I live in the actual world. Or is the actual world a daydream? Hmm…

    17. I love the idea of hanging out with large groups of people. That is, until I actually do. Then I just want to go sit in a room with my dogs.

    18. I’m usually hit on by more guys than girls. Le sigh…

    19. You know that you rate high in my book if you get a call when I’m drunk.

    20. I lose myself when I look into the stars.

    21. Some people want to be crazy cat ladies. Me, I want to be that guy whose house is covered floor to ceiling with books.

    22. I’m a decent writer, I just refuse to put in the work necessary to really create anything.

    23. Sometimes I wish that my brain retained facts instead of randomly spiraling off into the distance.

    24. If I tell you I’ll do something, more than likely it will get done.

    25. I was a vegetarian for a year and a half all because a few guys at work bet me that I wouldn’t do it for a month.


    Hmm, 25 things about myself….

    1) I’ve always got lots of projects on the go, in various stages of completion. I do complete things…eventually. At present, for example, I have a cross-stitch I’m doing, wool in skeins that I’m putting into balls prior to knitting, a home-made knitting rake to make, a garden to plan, a garden to dig up…I think you get the drift.

    2) I broke my left ankle in the gold-medal competition at the Intervarsity games in 1997. It required 2 rounds of surgery.

    3) I grew up on various farms and know how to milk cows, ride horses, and work as a roustabout in a shearing shed.

    4) I dislike doing housework, but I hate an untidy house. Hence the housework gets done.

    5) I like to cook (and to eat what I’ve cooked lol).

    6) I love martial arts and have studied Judo (till the broken ankle), Kung Fu, Tai Chi and am looking into Kendo right now.

    7) I love books and am a fair way towards filling my house with bookshelves, like Pyro wanted. Except that…

    8) I enjoy art. I’ve got some quite large pictures that don’t fit in my current house. I would like more art to enjoy as well as more bookshelves…haven’t quite figured out how to reconcile those yet.

    9) In my final year of high school I was crowned the ‘Insult Queen’. This was due to my caustic and sarcastic tongue. I’ve mellowed quite a bit since then and it really takes something major to awaken this part of me.

    10) I have a cat sitting and purring on my lap right at this moment.

    11) I’ve just received a quote for redoing our kitchen and have yet to do some number-crunching.

    12) There is rarely a day when I don’t wish at some point that I was neither married or had children.

    13) My wedding anniversary is on the 13th June.

    14) I am allergic to penicillin.

    15) I went out and bought a butter container because I realised that the Dunedin council won’t recycle margarine containers. So now I don’t buy margarine.

    16) Sometimes I cry during sad parts of movies. I watched ‘What dreams may come’ once and never watched it again ‘cos it had me crying so much.

    17) The last dog I had was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi called ‘Kelly’. I would like to get a Finnish Lapphund for my next dog.

    18) When I was growing up, my best and most reliable mates were my pony, Dale; and my dog, Wimpy.

    19) Sometimes I miss ‘the good old days’ when I was at University and had the best group of friends ever. We used to laugh so hard I’d almost wet myself.

    20) People often think I’m British instead of Australian, because of my accent. This includes other Australians and Brits.

    21) I catch spiders and put them outside instead of killing them.

    22) I like to play computer games, and am impatiently waiting for a KOTOR 3 and Diablo 3.

    23) I have a very dry sense of humour, and don’t take myself too seriously.

    24) My favourite TV show when I was a kid was ‘Monkey’.

    25) Sometimes I wonder where the heck the last 33 years went, and wonder if I’ll feel like I’ve done nothing much with my life by the time I’m twice that.


    Well – I’m older – but what the heck…

    1.)  I’ve owned/operated a business for 21 years.
    2.)  Into film preservation – love classic and silent film.
    3.)  Have a collection of about 1,300 DVD’s and around 1,000 CD’s.  Lotsa books too.
    4.)  Love music – played cello through school – now learning harmonica – heh.
    5.)  Best sport is canoe racing, 2nd Dance, 3rd Cross-country skiing.
    6.)  Was editor of high school newspaper – and journalism major.
    7.)  Was an Au Pair in Germany when I was fifteen.
    8.)  Speak some French, some German, would like to learn more Chinese.
    9.)  Born left-handed, but forced to right-handed – so ambidextrous.
    10.)  Helped with design of upright luggage on wheels back in late 1980’s. lol…
    11.)  I do immitations and accents quite well – or so I’m told.
    12.)  Not comfortable in large boisterous crowds – AT ALL.
    13.)  Father is a character in a rather famous humorist’s monologues. 
    14.)  Very much a loner – but I like people.  Just not ALWAYS AROUND.  Heh…
    15.)  Wish I had a simpler life.
    16.)  Used to believe the esoteric was a bunch of hooey.
    17.)  I am freaky-good with money.
    18.)  Voted Independent since 1984.
    19.)  Have an extra layer of skin on hands and feet (Scandinavian/Lapp background).
    20.)  Love long road-trips.
    21.)  Used to want to be Kolchak the Night Stalker.
    22.)  Next car WILL be electric!
    23.)  Have hereditary Hemochromatosis (store iron in body)
    24.)  Wish I had more time to be creative in arts, skills, crafts.
    25.)  Know the older I get – the less I know…  heh… 


    kinda my first post but here it goes

    1) i strive to own my own buisness.
    2) I conduct/lead the local marching band
    3) besides an addiction to caffeine, i have never endangered myself with substances (unlike most of my peers)
    4) i have a general dislike of humanity and human ignorance
    5) i believe that if i believe i can do it, it will get done
    6) People with closed minds who laugh at me, deserve some karmic backlash
    7) i live breath eat drink star wars
    9) My favorite book borders between The Antichrist and Darth Bane P.o.D.
    10) i aspire to join the 501st with either a standard stormy or scout trooper outfit :trooper
    11) i belong to the Mandalorian Realist community, under the name Yan’ika.
    12) when i die i want my coffin to be shaped like an xwing…. or cremated
    13) i compare many aspects of history to events in starwars… because i can
    14) i get to know everything i can about people while giving little out so they cant use it against me
    15) i’m very paranoid
    16) cheese.com is a great website
    17) when i’m not swamped by studies, i play Star Wars Galaxies
    18) February is my least favorite month… followed by april
    19) favorite color: scarlet
    20) i am bored doing this
    21) i dont sleep alot
    22) I am Vykous :plight
    23) :ponder
    24) :greenpilot :r2top
    25) :fight :saber

    cant think of anything else.  thank you for putting up with this, and the smilies.


    25 things? I don’t know about this, but here goes.
    (hope you don’t fall asleep, lol)

    1. First and foremost a Christian, now and always

    2. I’m a mom to a great boy

    3. I’m a Cub Scouts Den Leader

    4. Small Business Owner (Guard Dogg House Cleaning) since Jan of ’06

    5. I’ve been a Jedi for the last two years now

    6. I have 5 great fur kids (Harley (dog), Saphira and Princess Leah (my two cats), Teddy Bear and Chip (Hamsters) and Tetris (my fish)

    7. I just got back from doing an Emmaus walk, it was THE BEST!!!

    8. I’m currently going to school for Human Services, with the hopes of getting a job either working with old people or kids

    9. I’m gregarious, or so I’ve been told

    10. My favorite movies are: Save the Last Dance and Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

    11. Currently reading Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Series

    12. Favorite TV shows: Law and Order SVU and Extreme Makeover Home Edition

    13. Favorite video game: Legia 2 Duel Saga (hands down)

    14. Spend waaaay too much time online, between all the sites I’m at

    15. I’m good for a listening ear, so I’m told

    16. Aspires to be a Flight Attendant someday

    17. Loves to do Tai Chi and Qigong

    18. Made a homemade staff out of a tree branch, still need to put stain on it

    19. freerice.com is a great website

    20. I love PIZZA!!!!!

    21. http://www.myspace.com/cubscoutsrock  my myspace

    22. my favorite Jedi is Quigon

    23. 1065825424zt2.png

    24. I love Camp Lakeview

    25. I’m a Compassion Sponser

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