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    Hello Jedi!
    It’s the time of year when we renew our domain name. We also have monthly costs to keep this site on the internet and stable. Since I’m now self employed and still building up my business, I’m asking for some help on the financial side of things. I have paid for this website for almost a decade now. I’ve had some help thanks to generous members, of which I’m grateful. At this point we don’t quite meet our monthly needs from donations. Since I haven’t paid my mortgage for May it’s hard for me to keep covering it until things pick up (which I believe is very soon).

    We have two options. You can do a one time donation via paypal to jax@instituteforjedirealiststudies.org (It’s separate from my personal stuff and I have the monthly fees coming directly from that account for simple accountability). Or we have a monthly subscription option which you can always stop in the future. The link is on the home page (http://instituteforjedirealiststudies.org/). Any assistance, even a dollar or two is appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!


    Hey Jax!
    Thanks for letting us know, I will send something along your way to night or tomorrow and hope it helps. As last time, I will do it as a one time payment as in this way it is easier for me to calculate things. If it is not enough at the end of the day, please let me know and I will see what I can do for You and the IJRS in addition. :meditate


    Thank you Yoshio. One time donations are always helpful!
    Here are our costs.
    Monthly: $24.95 for the hosting
    Yearly: $22.50 for our domain name
    We receive $5 a month in donations at this point. So the need isn’t very high, but it makes a difference to me and my family. :-)

    For those thinking hosting cost is high, we pay for quality. We had a bargain host in the past and they deleted our entire site, without warning and with no ability to restore it after there was a billing confusion. That was incredibly challenging for us and we refuse to have that happen again. So we pay more for better service and reliability. And they’ve always done a great job with that for us.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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