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    Hello everybody. I have been busting my tail at work, on top of busting my ass to get my martial arts studio off the ground! I’ve been busting my ass so much, (Hey, maybe that’s how the big crack got their, heh, heh) That I havent been able to find as much time to study and get through my lesson plans.

    I am frusterated, but also determined. I will get back on track in a couple weeks. I just have to build my reputation out here. It’s not like Ohio where I grew up and everybody in the city knows me. I’ve been dumping over a thousand dollars alone into advertising each month. With buying equipment and what have you, I just had to pick up another job. It is working out though, I am just going to have to rough it out for a while.

    The students I have love what I teach, and so will others. I just have to get people through the doors! I have a guy who travels sixty miles once a week to train with me for $180 dollars a month, so obviously he feels it’s worth it. I told him that he could pay normal tuition and it would be cheaper, but he insists on private training.

    Anyway I just wanted to drop in and say whats up. I hope all is well. :rebel – Syris


    Life does that – doesn’t it?  Other lessons in other places…  heh….

    Good luck on the new Biz!  Sounds interesting!

    Mindas Arran

    You got a link to a website for your school? I’d love to see what you’re working with down there! :D


    Not yet. I’m in the process of building one through tri-pod. I would much rather have someone build one for me but I’m not going to hand over $800.00 to have someone do something I am capable of myself. Time constraints are making it hard though. I will post the link when it is ready though.

    Maybe I can film some vids soon and post them though. If you want to see cool stuff it will be awhile. I don’t have any advanced students down her yet. I am 28, and my guys are in their forties and fifties. They are coming along well nonetheless, especially since I have only been here aaround two months.


    I’d question spending that much money for so little result.  If I were you I’d ease up on the advertising and look at it again.  Perhaps have a brainstorming session with your students.  take a look at where they found you, where they think you should advertise and what just isn’t worth the money.  Look into sponsoring a free beginner trial day where your students bring in their friends, and of course invite the public.  And while looking at this take some time to apply the actions in the abraham-hicks books I sent you.  I wish I had some concrete ideas to help you out.

    Do you write articles for any websites online?  Getting your name out there helps as well. 

    Of course, if you have already done all this just ignore me. ;-)


    I have written some articles for “Way of Ninja.com”, I was working as an administrator for that site for a while. I should talk to the owner of that site again. He began helping me build a site with Word Press as a matter of fact, but that was last year and nothing really came of it. Tripod sucks, so I am thinking of using Word Press again.

    Right now I am offering 1 week of free training, bring a friend and I extend it to two. If that friend brings a friend he gets two weeks etc. I want to give people the time to try out my training methods before they get locked into a contract. I don’t feel the typical 2 day tryout is long enough to ask someone to commit. I don’t do year long contracts either. I like six month contracts because they are not so financially intimidating. LOL!

    It will work itself out, I can feel it in my bones. Thrifty Nickel advertisement did’nt work. It takes time to establish a business. You have to become a brand name in the community. I offer alot of different classes that appeal to different crowds. Plus no one in the area teaches what I teach, and especially not the way I teach it. I have only been here since January so its going well. The students I have love it. So will anyone else that walks through my doors.

    I will definately utilize your ideas though. It makes sense to keep track of what is working and what is’nt. In that way I can maximize the power of my investments.


    Syris, I run a web design business for people on a budget basically, I sent you a PM!

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