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    I’ve been meditating for roughly one week now. I usually get one 15 minute session in a day. Sometimes I go to my car for my coffee breaks at work to get in a quick meditation. The quick ones consist of this:

    *Breathe in deeply*
    “There is no emotion”
    *Breathe out*
    “There is Peace”
    etc. for the entire Jedi Code

    I find that this aids in de-stressing me which can be especially helpful given the time and place that I do this (during my break at work). It also reminds me of the Code itself and gets me to think about it.

    The longer form of meditation that I undergo is always at home after work. Every day so far it’s been very different:

    The first day I tried the Emotional Intuitive meditation. I found that it left me overly confused and stressed. I even felt tension in my upper back area.

    The second day I tried the Mental Intuitive meditation (it’s worth noting that I tried these two because they were my highest scores on the Intuitive Type Questionnaire). I found that this was a lot more effective. I actually felt my mind and body becoming more calm.

    The next few days I attempted variations of the Mental Intuitive meditation technique. I say variations because I found my mind was wandering too much. I still haven’t found the best way for me to meditate but I think I’m making progress. I believe the “goal” if you will of meditation is to clear your mind so much that you literally aren’t thinking of anything. Once this is achieved, you become more attuned to the Force. Now, I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to be gaining from this attunement but I know it’s a good thing.

    I think -for me- that meditation can’t be a scenario because too much is going on. My current meditation technique is to just close my eyes, rhythmically take deep breaths and whenever something comes into my head I try to make it go away. It also sometimes helps if I repeat my new personal Mantra “Peace. Harmony. The Force.”

    Honestly, I’m still having a hard time getting meditation down. I’m hoping that with routine practice I’ll get better.

    I just thought I’d make a journal so I can get some feedback on my progress.

    Thanks for reading.


    Kol Drake

    After the two intro courses, you can dive into Meditation 101 and get tips, techniques and different slants on what may work (or not) for you. Biggest ‘deal’ is keep practicing!


    Frost, make sure you post your experiences with the meditations in your intro course. The purpose of those meditations isn’t to simply clear your mind. For the emotional it is to cleanse your emotions for instance, using the visual of light in a storm. Does that change how you focus on the meditation? And have you tried using the guided meditation tracks?


    Hi Jax. I tried both the emotional and mental guided meditation tracks and they didn’t work well for me. I’m trying to clear my mind so that the Force has room to come in. I still haven’t had any ‘experiences’ while meditating. So far it has helped to relax me.

    Maybe I started my Journal too soon? I posted my initial intro exercise results on it’s own thread but should I just keep that going?


    Anything that is part of an assignment has to be in the assignment thread. But, you can also post those assignments in separate journals, like this. So feel free to keep this meditation journal, but I recommend doing simpler meditations. When meditation is a bit easier, try those intro course meditations again. :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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